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Newsletter (March-April 2024)

Our newsletter provides updates on our programs, and fellow Climate Reality Leaders who are making a difference. It carries a gamut of activities carried out in two months' time, showing how each one of us can act to solve the crisis together. We would love to hear from you, your story and acts of leadership in the journey of sustainability. Every action matters!

Teachers Training Program
Across Maharashtra

The Green Campus Program - Maharashtra team led by Mr. Ganesh Satav and Dr. Amruta Deshmukh conducted Teachers Training Program (TTP) at various campuses across Maharashtra in the academic year 2023-24.

TTP is one of the flagship programs of the TCPF. It aims to engage teachers and equip them with abilities to discuss climate change with students and create potential among them to inspire behavioural changes in students by helping them comprehend the causes and consequences of climate change.

63 schools and Higher Education Institution (HEI) campuses from Pune, Solapur, Ahmednagar, Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri districts attended TTP. In 57 campuses, TTP training sessions were conducted offline, visiting the campuses to facilitate in-person interaction with teachers, gain insight into the working environment, and build rapport for future interaction. In the remaining 06 campuses of HEIs, visits were conducted before the training to gain an idea of campuses and resources, followed by online training as per the availability of the faculty members.

As a result, 1149 teachers from schools and HEIs were trained under the Teachers Training Program. 90 students from HEIs also joined the training.

The participants were also educated about Climate Change and 5 thrust areas, and various activities in a comprehensive manner.

Climate Justice Dialogue: Youth Leaders Masked in Diplomacy

On April 27, 2024, our Bangladesh chapter hosted the MOC International dialogue: 'Climate Action: Power Talks with Global Leaders' at Bishaw Shahitto Kendro, Bangla Motor, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

With the 2024 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 29) approaching in Baku, Azerbaijan, the spotlights are also on the vital role of youth leaders disguised as global figures in shaping climate action's future. In line with COP29 goals, SERAC- Bangladesh, in partnership with the Youth Coalition for Climate Justice (YCCJ) and The Climate Reality Project (India & South Asia), presented this MOC International dialogue, which was participated by 20 (of 85) selected participants.

This dialogue convened representatives (portraying heads of state and governments) from 11 nations, igniting a fervent exchange of ideas, strategies, and practical solutions to confront climate challenges. Chaired by SM Shaikat, SERAC's Executive Director and YCCJ's founder, and moderated by Tasnia Ahmed, YCCJ Coordinator, participants assumed global leaders' roles, transcending boundaries for collaborative efforts. Donning masks resembling presidents and prime ministers, these young delegates articulated ambitious visions and advocated for actionable measures to mitigate climate change's impacts through adaptive and concrete approaches.

As the world observes, these youth leaders stand poised to inspire, drive change, and lead the movement toward climate justice.

Faculty Development Program for
MIT-ADT University, Pune

As an extension of the Green Campus Program, TCPF organized an online Faculty Development Program targeting faculty, staff, and students of MIT-ADT University, Pune on 27th March 2024. The session, which accommodated 27 faculty members and 10 students, focused on Carbon Neutrality and the Green Campus Program. 

Mr. Bhavesh Swami delivered insights on Carbon Neutrality, elucidating the significance considering the Paris Agreement. Dr. Amruta Deshmukh provided an introduction to the Green Campus Program for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), emphasizing the imperative for climate action. This initiative underscores the university's commitment to sustainability and equips its community with essential knowledge to contribute to environmental stewardship.

GCP Committee Meeting (Online) with
Vikas College, Maharashtra

An online GCP committee meeting was conducted with the core committee members of GCP from Vikas College on 4th March 2024. Dr. Sakshi Grover gave the GCP presentation on behalf of the Climate Reality Project India & South Asia. 

The meeting was led by Dr. Sakshi Grover, who addressed the need of “Green Campus Program” for Higher Education Institutions, how it would benefit the college community and the students. The aim of the GCP is to protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within the campus. The session was followed by Q&A session.


Workshop at Little Flower Public School

On 20th March 2024, TCPF conducted a workshop for the teachers at the Little Flower Public School, Shahdara, Delhi. The workshop aimed at guiding teachers to start sustainability education in their schools. They were guided to select any of the themes from Water, Biodiversity and Waste to assume action research with a group of children. Resource booklets, activity worksheets and games were shared with teachers to help them conduct activities.

The training focused on providing conceptual understanding of the measures which can be adopted for efficiency of water-use and conservation at various scales of planning (city, neighbourhood, and individual scale) in urban areas and at school or individual level. Teachers learned how to conduct good waste management in our schools through a practical training.