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Newsletter (May-June) 2023

Our newsletter will provide updates from our programs, our fellow Climate Reality Leaders who are making difference and how each one of us can act to solve the crisis. And, we would love to know your story and act of leadership, because every action does matter.

Principals' Conclave in Pampore, Kashmir

The Climate Project Foundation organized the first Principals’ Conclave on Climate Change and Sustainability at Government Degree College, Pampore, Kashmir on 5th June, 2023. The event aimed to introduce, educate, and inspire principals and educators to bring the message of climate change to their schools. It focused on explaining the science, impacts, and solutions of climate change and encouraged the participation of nodal schools in the Green Campus Program. The conclave provided a platform for education-focused organizations and schools to join hands and collaborate under the program.

The initiative emphasized the leadership role of educational institutions in training students and the community to understand climate change, empowering educators within their institutions. Teachers and students were encouraged to conduct audits of their schools and calculate their carbon footprint.

Following the conclave, students from 10 schools in Kashmir, accompanied by their teachers, gathered at Dachigam National Park to discuss further steps. They were addressed by Mr. Nadeem Quadri and Mrs. Rekha Lalla, who shared initiatives that the younger generation can undertake to make Kashmir environmentally friendly and waste-free. Many of these passionate young green ambassadors have joined The Green Campus Program, solidifying their commitment to environmental sustainability. The program concluded with a refreshing walk amidst the greenery of Dachigam National Park.


A Session on Climate Finance:
Investing in India’s Energy Transition

The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) was invited by Sangam - Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), an initiative by Niti Aayog, to participate in a session dedicated to supporting and nurturing emerging talents in climate-resilient technologies on 1st June, 2023. The focus of the session was on exploring different financial avenues available to assist technology-based startups. Sreyashee Das, CEO of AIC-Sangam, shared insights into the center's mission and how it aids in fostering new talent to develop tech-driven solutions for climate change.


Representing TCPF, Bhavesh Swami discussed bilateral, multilateral, and government schemes falling under the purview of 'Climate Finance,' including financial support from organizations such as the World Bank, IFC, and SIDBI for startups and manufacturing entities. He also shared success stories from his tenure at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, highlighting collaborative efforts with new tech entrepreneurs to implement energy-saving solutions in industrial clusters.


TCPF pledged to facilitate connections between technology-based startups and budding entrepreneurs with the help of its flagship program, Green Campus Program (GCP) and the larger network. The session garnered an audience of over 80 participants, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Branch Retreat 2023 in Manila

A retreat cum knowledge exchange conference was organized by The Climate Reality Project - HQ in Manila, Philippines, aiming to foster better cross-branch collaborations and share some successful program learnings. The event was held from 8th – 11th May 2023.

Mr. Aditya Pundir and Mr. Bhavesh Swami represented the India and South Asia branch. The Climate Reality HQ staff appreciated the branch's new website and updates on social media platforms. During the retreat, there was a shared desire among all branches to learn from each other and collaborate further. The Green Campus Program (GCP) was already well-known among the staff and branches, and discussions revolved around planning student exchange sessions throughout the year to bring additional value to inter-branch collaborations.


GCP School SD Vidya, Ambala Cantt. Leading the Way to a Greener Future

The SD Vidya School in Ambala Cantt has received international acclaim as "The Green School" for its exceptional efforts in promoting environmental sustainability. It was awarded the Platinum Award by the Climate Reality Project India for its initiatives in creating a greener and cleaner planet. During their visit on 4th May 2023, Dr. Sanjeev Chaddha Professor & Head of Management Development Centre, Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration, Government of Punjab, Chandigarh, and Mr. Raman Chatrath, Estate Manager MGSIPA. The guests were impressed by the students' explanations and praised the school's innovation. Ms. Neelinderjeet Kaur Sandhu, the Director Principal, expressed pride in the school's role as an environmental leader and gifted the visitors planters and cloth bags crafted by the students. The school's achievements were attributed to the visionary guidance of Mr. B K Soni, the President, who prioritizes a healthy and safe learning environment.

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World Environment Day

Celebrations in Yashwant Vidyalaya Kashil

We celebrated World Environment Day in Yashwant High School, one of the schools working under Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara, Maharashtra. This school has pledged for Green Campus Program, and is proactively working on it. Students and teachers from 5th to 10th grade actively participated in the event. They took the initiative to collect plastic waste from the village and raised awareness among villagers about the harmful effects of plastic pollution. A rally was organized, where students showcased 20 slogans on plastic pollution to capture the attention of the community. They also visited households, encouraging the use of paper or cloth bags instead of single-use plastic. The students collected 10 bags of plastic waste, which were handed over to the gram panchayats for proper management.


Let’s Unite for Climate Action, Our Planet Needs You

The Climate Project Foundation and the Mobius Foundation celebrated World Environment Day with youth. The session saw the participation of over 150 teams from South Asia that have registered in the Youth For Earth (Y4E) 2023 championship. The objective of the event was to create a warm-up and interactive session to pump up the enthusiasm of the registered teams and facilitate queries related to Y4E projects.

The session was led by Bhavesh Swami, who described the participants about the events, do’s and don’ts, and more. Ms. Smruti Sweta Samantray from The Climate Project Foundation delivered an inaugural address, joined by Mr. Aditya Pundir and Mr. Shrawan from Mobius Foundation, who shared ideas on tackling climate change. Participants gained insights from previous entries and asked questions on submission processes and winning strategies. The Y4E championship winners will be chosen based on project scale, impact, and replicability. Stay updated through our website and social media platforms. Visit for more information.


Workshop on Green Jobs in Assam

Early Childhood Development Forum (ECDF) and The Climate Project Foundation, in association with Tarumitra Club, Holy Child School organized a workshop on the topic “Reduce Carbon Footprints, Increase Handprints”, for children of class 8th - 10th Std on World Environment Day 2023 at Holy Child School Guwahati. 

The workshop was led by Dr. Vasavvi Acharjya, Founder and Chairperson of ECDF and MD Tender Petals Schools. Bhavesh Swami conducted an elaborated and insightful session on “Green Jobs & Youth.” Green jobs empower youth to drive sustainable development on a long-term basis, by offering them with opportunities for environmental stewardship, renewable energy, conservation, and climate action. They pave the way for a greener future while promoting economic growth and social equity. During the session, Mr. Swami discussed various work opportunities that students from varied academic backgrounds can opt for. Students appreciated the session as it was quite insightful for them. The event was followed by a tree plantation session.

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Acts of Leadership by
Climate Reality Leaders

Nandini Deshmukh Recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

Mumbai Tarun Bharat awarded our Climate Reality Leader and National Coordinator, Climate Education, Dr. Nandini Deshmukh with The Lifetime Achievement Award for her remarkable contribution to environmental projects in Maharashtra at the Species & Habitats Warriors Awards 2023. The prestigious accolade recognized her dedication and efforts that made a lasting impact on the preservation of species and habitats in the region. Her unwavering commitment to the environment serves as an inspiration to others in the field.

Anand Pendharkar Led Exploration of Mumbai's Coastal Biodiversity at G20 

On 21st May, 2023, one of our Climate Reality Leaders Anand Pendharkar, and his team, comprising Nikhil Disoria, Sandeep Kacchap, Siddharth Waradkar, and Aradhya Sardesai, led Marine Walks for the international delegates attending the G20 Conclave at Juhu Beach. As invited guests by the officials from the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEFCC), they shared their extensive knowledge, passion, and documentation of Mumbai's Coastal Biodiversity, which

they have been diligently working on for the past three decades. The event included a welcome message and an oath-taking ceremony to protect the marine environment by Maharashtra Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde. Additionally, winning entries from the Inter-School Painting Competition with the theme of Coastal Protection and Marine Biodiversity were showcased at Juhu Beach. (Photo by Sandeep Kacchap)

Prafulla Dhal Working on Waste & Renewables in Rural Areas

Prafulla Dhal, a Climate Reality Leader, and National Coordinator, Climate Disaster and Livelihood, The Climate Project Foundation spearheaded the installation of solar pumps in Odisha's villages. These solar micro pumps have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of impoverished tribal families. They not only helped protect forests from fires but also promoted soil regeneration and facilitated the adoption of organic farming practices. 

In another activity, Mr. Dhal facilitated the establishment of 200 vermicompost pits using rural waste through the participation of 600 women from Self Help Groups. This initiative has resulted in the production of over 1000 tonnes of organic manure, which has been instrumental in regenerating soil health and reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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Exclusive Interview of Col. Shashikant Dalvi (Retd.) in Doordarshan

Col. Shashikant Dalvi (Retd.), a Climate Reality Leader and National Coordinator – Water, The Climate Project Foundation was featured on the Samagam Telecast for Doordarshan, aired on 7th June 2023, by the News and Views channel. During the interview, he shared his inspiring journey focused on water conservation. Col. Dalvi discussed the initial steps taken, including the implementation of roof-top rainwater harvesting techniques in Pune, followed by the remarkable 'Mission Pani' and the ongoing project named 'Jal Atmanirbhar Abhiyan.' The latter aims to establish tanker-free zones in 100 villages, empowering them to become self-sufficient in water resources.

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Sunil Mysore Contributed to Paper by IISD

Sunil Mysore, a Climate Reality Leader and National Coordinator, Entrepreneurship, The Climate Project Foundation made significant contributions to a recent paper by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, which explores the opportunities and challenges of scaling up Agrivoltaics in India. The report addresses the potential issue of limited land resources for both renewable energy and agriculture and proposes Agrivoltaics as a viable solution, while addressing the potential of solar panels and agricultural land use to enhance crop yield. The paper also includes case studies featuring stakeholders involved in the Agrivoltaics ecosystem.

Click on the image to download the report


Pradeep Karturi Co-Authored G20 Policy

Pradeep Karturi, one of our Climate Reality Leaders, co-authored a G20 policy brief on establishing a resilient Electric Vehicle Battery Value Chain in a circular economy context. The recommendations from the document will be presented to G20 working groups, ministerial meetings, and the leader's summit to inform concrete policy measures. The brief emphasizes the importance of a clear definition of who is responsible for the end-of-life stages of batteries within a circular economy framework. It suggests the need for uniform regulations and financial support to develop local recycling and innovative technology solutions. The aim is to achieve efficient and environmentally sustainable battery value chains. The brief also highlights the significance of international collaboration and should be a catalyst for effective monitoring of the sector's environmental impacts and their components.

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