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What are Electric Vehicles(EV)?

India is the fourth largest contributor of GreenHouse Gases and vehicular pollution is the fastest growing contributor towards these emissions. With economic growth, there are more cars and two-wheelers on the road and according to the reports, a three times growth will be seen in the number of vehicles on the roads by 2030. This is not only increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but also causing severe health problems amongst the population.

One solution that is cost-effective and can curb the menace of pollution, is Electric Vehicles which is even being adopted by the policymakers. The days of 100% green transportation are not far off. Going by sales figures, both 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers have made a visible presence on the road. In three wheelers, the figures are even more impressive with e-auto sales reaching 30% of the respective overall category. 

Besides environmental benefits like zero tailpipe emissions, EVs are economical too. EV owners who have clocked more than one lakh kilometers have had a very satisfactory journey with proper battery maintenance and vehicle servicing. There are concerns about battery fires, enhanced load on electric grids but with newer battery chemistries being experimented and solar/clean energy based decentralized chargers; the future seems promising. 

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What we do?

The Climate Project Foundation is working with governments and other stakeholders of the segment on bridging these very gaps. We are collaborating with the Delhi Government to make schools and colleges become EV ready by installing easy chargers deployed at their premises. We have been working towards creating a buzz around ease of use of Electric Vehicles as there is a lack of awareness around the usage and benefits through digital promotion and support the Delhi government in their initiative. 

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5 Tips for EV charging

We are also conducting career sessions with universities by bringing in sectoral experts who guide the students to foresee entrepreneurship opportunities therein. Events promoting clean mode of transportation, our green campuses embracing ‘cycle/EV’ days are a step in this direction.

Knowledge management products, creatives published at platforms like EV focused magazines have also helped us reach out to the prospective buyers. 

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