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Tree Plantation

One of the best ways to lower the concentration of the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is to create more carbon sinks. The Climate Reality Project India is supporting India’s NDCs towards the Paris Agreement to achieve sequestration of 2.5 -3 billion tonnes of CO2 from forests and trees by 2030, and thus, collaborating with its partners and the Climate Reality leaders.

Mission One Million Fruit Trees

In the backdrop of cyclone Fani, 2019 , the Mission Million Fruit Trees was launched. The Climate Reality Project India joined hands with Sustainable Green Initiative(SGI), One Tree Planted and SPARSH Odisha and successfully launched the campaign in August 2019 by the Speaker of Odisha Legislative Assembly in an event attended by thousands of people.

The mission will plant at least 1 million fruit trees in Odisha coastal districts, particularly in Puri district, during 2019-2025, in five year time for ensuring food security to small marginal farmers & recovering the green coverages lost due to cyclone and generate employments on for youths on agriculture & horticulture sectors. 

The Climate Reality Leaders Prafulla Dhal, and Raj Mohan, the implementer of OTP project in India and the Founder of Sustainable Green Initiative are committed to the Mission One Million Fruit Trees in Odisha.


By 15th August 2019, one lakh trees were distributed to the villagers through the NGO networks, which were planted in the fruit hatcheries, backyards of individual households and schools and public places. 


In 2020, 93 thousand saplings were planted in Puri for community-level resilience and recovery of greenery, local livelihoods and food security.

In 2019-2021, the mission has planted 8.30 lakh trees in Puri district. Of these plantations, 2.90 lakh fruit trees have been planted, and 5.40 lakh coastal forest species such as casuarina are planted by the farmers.

The important feature of this initiative in these three years of its journey is the emergence of farmer bodies, namely, “Farmer Producer Companies” (FPC) to undertake plantation drives sustainably till 2030. Currently, 15 FPCs have been registered and 7600 farmers have become their members. The mission has an aim to promote a network of 100 FPCs in 7 coastal districts of Odisha, including Puri, by 2030, where 1 lakh farmers should be networked with a commitment of planting at least 100 fruit trees each by 2030, thereby, reaching 10 million fruit trees.

Molaikathoni Nursery Project

An initiative of The Climate Reality Project India in association with the Forest Man Foundation and the Indigenous People’s Climate Justice Forum

The Molaikathoni Nursery Project was conceived by The Climate Reality Project India and is being planned and implemented in collaboration with the Forest Man Foundation and Indigenous People’s Climate Justice Forum. The 1 hectare (approx. 4 bighas) nursery is located on the Arunachapori island in the Majuli district of Assam.

The Molaikathoni Nursery Project was initiated in March and officially launched on World Water Day 2022 under the patronship and direction of Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng, a Padma Shree awardee who is also known as the Forest Man of India. Under the Molaikathoni Nursery Project, a total of 393270 saplings were planted with a survival rate of 68%. Despite the many challenges the project has yielded expected results. Altogether 170000 saplings from the nursery have been replanted as a part of a larger forestation project.

The project has provided livelihood to some villagers for several months, directly motivating the communities to participate in conservation of the forest and the wildlife species. Around 40 native saplings and several hundred seeds of Arjuna were planted with the participation of the local community during the observance on the occasion of World Environment Day 2022 under the program.

Mangrove Plantation

Mangroves can store up to five times more carbon than the equivalent area of mature tropical forests; acts as a protective biological shield against cyclones and tsunamis, provides livelihood and ecologically sensitive areas. Mangroves plantations are critical to coastal regions.
Climate Reality India supported Mr. Raj Mohan, Climate Reality Leader and founder of Sustainable Green Initiative, in planting and distributing 51000 trees and mangroves saplings at Kumirmari island in Sundarbans, West Bengal. This island of Kumirmari still needs about half a million-mangrove.

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