Forests are a critical tool for offsetting emissions, and to support India’s NDCs towards Paris Agreement, to achieve sequestration of 2.5-3 billion tonnes of CO2 from forests and trees by 2030. Climate Reality India is supporting plantations through its partners and Climate Reality Leaders.


​Mission One Million has been started in Odisha as a response to devastations caused by recently struck climate disaster named as Cyclone FANI on 3rd May 2019  and affected 15 million people who have lost their houses and livelihoods besides 15.2 million old and economical trees.

By august 15th one lakh fruit trees were distrusted to villagers through the NGO networks and planted in the fruit hatcheries, backyards of individual households and schools and public places.

Mission One Million Fruit Trees Planation (2019-21) for sustainable restorations of environment, ecology. food security, livelihoods, and SDGs in FANI affected communities Odisha Launched by the Speaker of Odisha Legislative Assembly.



​The mangroves plantation being critical to coastal regions - Mangroves can store up to five times more carbon than the equivalent area of mature tropical forests; acts as protective biological shield against cyclones and tsunamis, provides livelihood and ecologically sensitive area.
Climate Reality India supported Mr. Raj Mohan, Climate Reality Leader and founder of Sustainable Green Initiative, in planting and distributing 51000 trees and mangroves saplings at Kumirmari island in Sundarbans, West Bengal.
This island of Kumirmari still needs about half a million-mangrove.


51000 fruit trees were planted with marginal farmers in villages around Lalitpur, Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Central India in 2017