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Youth Empowerment

More than one-fifth of the total population in South Asia is under the age of 30. With a large youth demographic of young population, they play a pivotal role in playing a strong anchor towards fighting against climate change. This generation has high capacity building through their youth-led decision making. Empowering them takes utmost importance to transform our societies into green communities looking towards a climate resilient future. 
The Climate Project Foundation is constantly working towards creating green leaders through our youth led programs. The India and South Asia branch works actively to conduct workshops and events with school campuses and university students to bring about a transformative change in their outlook. With our programs like Youth For Earth, we have youth coming from South-Asia with their impact driven projects; aiming to solve a climate-led problem in their local communities.

Youth For Earth

Youth For Earth is a collaborative initiative of Mobius Foundation and The Climate Project Foundation, started in the year 2019. Youth For Earth Championship offers a platform to the youth to come forward with their plan of action and contribute towards mitigating the climate crisis. The students  were motivated to come up with innovative solutions, technological inventions for their on-ground project activities.

In the last two editions, we have seen some inspiring and impactful youth-led stories where students took up a project on the environmental problems around their community or campus and worked on its solutions to bring about a change. The projects were chosen keeping the Sustainable Development Goals in mind. These students were recognised Nationally and Internationally and awarded for their efforts and commendable work.

Summer Training Programs

The Climate Project Foundation has been conducting online summer training programs on various environment centric topics for the students. We believe that an environmentally conscious society can be created only if the youth of that society are empowered with sufficient knowledge; enabling the students with skills and appropriate attitude for a greener future.

Year - 2022

For 2022, we decided to engage our young audience in understanding Green Jobs through our summer training program on ‘Planet needs Green Jobs’. The Climate Reality Project guided participants to learn from the various opportunities present in various colleges, universities and NGOs offering a plethora of these green opportunities. The Summer Program enabled them to learn about Green Career Options they could opt for and provided expert guided workshops for a month Telling them more about green entrepreneurship.

More than 450 participants from India and South Asia attended it Live and 4000+ hits have been coming on social media platforms who watched it later.

Year - 2021

With a view to ignite the creative skills of youngsters towards environmental conservation during the summer vacations,we introduced an innovative summer program for students of our registered GCP schools. Under this program, the young environmentalists were provided training in telling their own story and presenting their work in front of the world. The students participated in 3-day workshops which included mentor’s guidance sessions with experts from film making, storytelling, volunteering projects and many more. More than 500 students registered for the program and mentored by the experts to take up real time projects relating to environment and sustainability. The projects were then assessed and the winners were provided with certificates and awards.

Other Initiatives

The Climate Project Foundation has been associating with various organizations for events and programmes that are youth-centric and intend to create awareness, mobilize them and drive them to contribute towards mitigating climate change.

International Youth and Sustainability Conference 2022

It was a two-day completely carbon neutral event that invited young students to explore various thoughtful ideas on sustainability delivered by the industry experts and climate leaders on building a better future. There was a practical workshop where participants presented their business prospects on sustainability and gave ideas to take up issues from their surroundings by giving it a scalable viable business model.

Picture Awareness Campaign 2022

The Picture Awareness campaign gathered more than 300 students at the campus amphitheater of the Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, to raise a voice against the rapidly changing temperatures and irregular rainfall patterns in Pune. The students assembled with their umbrellas, to express their disdain toward these ever-changing climate forecasts. The event concluded with the students writing their displeasure about the climate changes on postcards.


Green Conclave

Green Conclave initiative was started  to spread awareness and generate dialogues for green jobs to university students and take this ‘green’ approach to other existing jobs as well. Various esteemed panelists spoke about how in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction or in new, emerging green sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency can be adopted.


Indo German Tool Room

It was a sensitization and awareness program on renewable energy careers at Indo-German tool room, Patna. The objective of the program was to stress on Energy Management practices for the passing out students as global Energy generation/usage is among the single highest phenomena responsible for global warming and how these engineers of the future can bring about meaningful change. The event was attended by more than 200 engineers.

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