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Winners of Youth for Earth 2022

Junior Category

1st Winner

Team - Urvara-Greening Mother Earth

The project “Urvara-Greening Mother Earth” by Adhi Daiv from Rajasthan started with the purpose to reverse the soil degradation of the arid wastelands of the desert region of Rajasthan by using a unique method of plantation of dry land agroforestry which requires only one litre of water to grow any native plant for its entire life cycle.

2nd Winner

Team - Pune Plastic Warriors

The Team Pune Plastic Warriors aimed to prevent build-up of plastic waste in the community and provide tangible solutions by gradually replacing as much plastic as possible in our daily lives. The team used the power of social media to spread awareness about plastic pollution, promote sustainable alternatives and give recognition to eco-warriors to inspire further action. They conducted interviews, recycling campaigns, promoted eco-friendly products in eco-melas and inspired participation to real change.

3rd Winner

Team - Terra Time

By making eco-bricks, Team - Terra Time from New Delhi re-used non-recyclable plastic waste, like polythene, flimsy wrappers, etc. to make something useful, instead of throwing them away. These eco-bricks are then used to make different pieces of furniture. They also collaborated with another organizations. Many people are still not aware as to what eco-bricks are, and how they are made. By making eco bricks, individuals can start right this moment to take charge of their plastic.

1st Runner Up

Team - Sd's Change Makers

​The SD's change makers from Ambala wishes to share how schools can contribute to stopping climate change and helping our planet earth. Through this project, they want to spread awareness and unleash the creativity of students to develop and implement climate action communities.

2nd Runner Up

Team - Pramiti

09 Students of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar took a project on reducing the wastage of papers. They collected more than 300 used notebooks after the end of the term and segregated the used and unused pages. Then the segregated pages were sent for recycling and with the unused pages the students created 200 notebooks which were distributed amongst the under privileged children.

Senior Category

1st Winner

Team - Project Ikhtiyaar

Project Ikhtiyaar aims at ‘eradication through utilization’, by harnessing the hidden potential of water hyacinths to overcome the challenges they pose. Project Ikhtiyaar aims to produce manure using water hyacinth as the main component along with other biodegradable waste in order to clean river Yamuna and improve the economic condition of our community members. By improving the community’s living standards and overcoming prejudices, Project Ikhtiyaar aspires to bring about a revolutionary impact.

2nd Winner

Team - Crew For Climate

Team Crew for climate from Vadodara, Gujarat understood how increasing water use, water pumping and variable rainfall leads to death of a river. The team with help of their varied study backgrounds and team from ACCC- ATREE conduct social surveys, water quality tests, biodiversity study and vegetation mapping using ground methods and GIS.

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