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Newsletter (January-February 2024)

Our newsletter provides updates on our programs, and fellow Climate Reality Leaders who are making a difference. It carries a gamut of activities carried out in two months' time, showing how each one of us can act to solve the crisis together. We would love to hear from you, your story and acts of leadership in the journey of sustainability. Every action matters!

Session on Climate Change & Green Campus Program at Fergusson College

An interactive workshop was conducted for the students and faculty members of the Department of Environmental Science, Fergusson College, Pune by Dr. Amruta Deshmukh.

The Fergusson College, Pune has joined hands with The Climate Project Foundation under the Green Campus Program. Students are working on the various activities under the Green Campus Program. The presentation and student interaction aimed at introducing them to the Green Campus Program, guiding them regarding the GCP activities, and solving their doubts regarding the activities they are currently conducting. Around 85 students attended the session.


Climate Policy for Jammu & Kashmir

A meeting was conducted with the advocates of Kashmir to discuss the need for a Climate Policy exclusively for Kashmir as the state is changing with no snowfall during the winter to less snowfall.

Ms. Rekha Lalla gave a presentation on climate change and explained all the lawyers working on ground levels in Kashmir, about how global climate change scenario also impacts the scenario in Kashmir. 

Around 55 advocates, on ground personnels working in the field of sustainability joined the meeting and had a long discussion on planning a Climate Policy for all residents of Kashmir & educational Institutes.

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GCP Skill Share Teacher Exchange Program

Green Campus Program - Skill Share Teacher Exchange Program is an interstate exchange program can offer all schools an opportunity to experience different cultures, learn new languages and gain valuable life skills. The first GCP Skill Share TEP meeting was held on 27th January 2024, which was attended by Tagore International School, EOK Delhi & Mothers Public School, Odisha.

A Teacher exchange program is a structured educational program that temporarily allows Teachers from one educational institution to learn from another institution about their best practices in the domain of Climate Change, GCP and Science-Social Sciences. 

The programme discussed how to help people adapt their lives and livelihoods to our changing climate, protect themselves from the increasing risks of disasters caused by climate change, and become more aware of, and resilient to, current and future climate shocks. They will understand how the GCP has broadened their view and learn about the climate resilience of that state in India.

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Environment & Sustainability Audit Workshop with Colleges

A “Environment & Sustainability Audit Workshop” was conducted for the colleges from 18th – 20th January 2024. It includes systematic identification, recording and analysis of components related to sustainable development of an educational institution to preserve for future generations. 

Ms. Rekha Lalla conducted an Online Workshops for three consecutive days 18th,19th & 20th Jan 2024 from 3 to 5pm to involve the students and lecturers at colleges of Maharashtra in audit process. 183 students and faculty joined the audit training.

The process has three important stages such as pre audit stage, audit stage and post audit stage. The steps for audit of educational institutions are as follows: - Study of present regulations and structure. Examine the previous infrastructure and do a comparative bon energy, waste, water & biodiversity analysis. Submit your report and then take actions. Noting of provisions applicable. Evaluation of internal control system.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 052123.png

Teachers’ Training Program for
Ajeenkya D Y Patil University, Pune

An online Teachers’ Training Program was conducted for the faculty members and students at Ajeenkya D Y Patil University (ADYPU) as a part of the Green Campus Program.  Ms. Rekha Lalla, Lead - Green Campus Program, The Climate Project Foundation discussed the science, impact, and solutions to the climate change crisis. 

Dr. Amruta Deshmukh introduced the need for climate action and the Green Campus Program for Higher Education Institutions and how it aligns with UGC & NAAC norms. She emphasized how the participation of HEIs, and the young generation can catalyse the target of Net Zero.

Youth Mobilisation for Climate Action
at GD Goenka University

The GD Goenka University partnered with The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) to host a one-day event on, “Climate Change and the Role of Youth in Addressing it”, on National Youth Day. The session was attended by the students as well as faculty from various departments. 

Mr. Bhavesh from TCPF discussed climate change crisis, global warming, and reasons for calamities like flooding and desertification. This sparked curiosity among students. He then presented sustainable solutions such as solar-powered battery-based bicycles, efficient cookstoves, and concepts like slow and eco-tourism to raise awareness within communities.

Dr. Rekha Singh from ECPFO spoke about Mission LiFE and a sustainable future, while Dr. Nihal Siddiqui conducted a campus tour, showcasing the Fire Drill Ground established under the Centre of Excellence- Occupational Health & Safety. 

The orientation concluded with the vision of the Vice-Chancellor, Kim Menezes, who wants to make GD Goenka University a climate-active and leading Green Campus.

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Teachers’ Training Program in Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune

An online Teachers’ Training Program (TTP) was conducted for the faculty members and students at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune as a part of The Green Campus Program. 

Ms. Rekha Lalla from The Climate Project Foundation discussed the science, impacts, and solutions of the climate crisis, emphasizing zoonotic diseases, extreme weather, and viable solutions, and shared how the Green Campus Program (GCP) can address the issues. Dr. Amruta Deshmukh threw light on how HEIs play a critical role in this, how the GCP aligns with UGC and NAAC norms, and emphasized youth engagement.


GCP Committee Meeting (Online) with HEIs

Online Green Campus Program (GCP) committee meeting was held with core committee members of the following colleges:

  • GMN College, Ambala Cantt., Haryana

  • Maharashtra College of Arts, Science & Commerce (MCASC), Maharashtra

  • Maharaja Agrasen University (MAU-Baddi), Himachal Pradesh 

  • Ajeenkya University, Maharashtra

  • SD College, Ambala Cantt., Haryana

  • Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College, Chandigarh

  • NMITD, Mumbai

  • USTM, Meghalaya


Dr. Sakshi Grover underlined the need of “Green Campus Program” for Higher Education Institutions and how it would benefit the college community and the students. She also advocated the alignment of the Green Campus Program with UGC, NAAC and Mission LiFE norms. 

Mr. Bhavesh Swami explained about the future avenues for the student community regarding the green skills & training, green jobs, and startups.

GMN College.jpg
MCASC - SCIT-01.png
SD Collgelogo.png

Online session on “Smart City & Greening of Campuses” with NITTTR, Chandigarh

National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR), Chandigarh organised an Online one-week Faculty Development Program on “Sustainable Cities & Communities.” 

Speakers & panellists from various institutions & organisations were invited to discuss Smart & Sustainable cities with students & faculty members. Mr. Bhavesh Swami from The Climate Project Foundation gave the presentation on “Importance of Green Campuses for Smart & Sustainable city model.” 

More than 15 faculty members & 70+ students attended the session of knowledge.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 122420.png

MoU Signing with
Ajeenkya DY Patil University

The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) successfully signed MoU with Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU), Pune, Maharashtra under the Green Campus Program. During the MoU Signing ceremony, Mr. Aditya Pundir, Director, TCPF discussed beneficial future seminars/ programs we are planning under student development and engagement and how GCP will be helping the institute to reach of our common goal of a sustainable future.

All the members of ADYPU promised their commitment to GCP with the active participation of students from their NSS wing.


Panel Discussion on Sustainable Fashion and Climate Justice at NIFT, Bhubaneswar

On 1st February 2024, National Institute of Fashion Technology – Bhubaneswar, Odisha conducted a panel discussion on Climate Justice and Sustainable Fashion.  The panel discussion began with how fashion, especially fast fashion industry impacts global GHG emissions and hence, it is imperative to look at the triple bottom line (People, Planet & Profit) in a much more balanced way. Additionally, the light was thrown on how climate justice can be embedded in. 
The session was designed by Professor Dr. Binay Bhushan Jena for the students and faculty members of the institute. Dr. Jena is known for establishing Farm to Fashion concept at NIFT-Bhubaneswar.

Mr. Prafulla Dhal, National Coordinator – Climate Disaster and Livelihood, The Climate Project Foundation; and Ms. Smruti S Samantray, Manager – Communications and Collaborations, The Climate Project Foundation were invited as the panellists, among others.

Mr. Dhal spoke about the need for climate change mitigation in Odisha and how climate justice can be aligned with it. Ms. Samantray spoke about how design students can contribute towards the journey of sustainability and bring in an impactful transformation in the purchasing behaviour of the society while shedding light on green jobs.

Celebrating National Science Day at
Mount Abu School, Delhi

In India, 28th February marks as National Science Day, celebrating Sir C.V. Raman's groundbreaking discovery of the Raman Effect, which revolutionized our understanding of light-matter interaction. To commemorate this, The Climate Project Foundation organized an event in association with the Mount Abu School, Rohini, Delhi. 

Ms. Rekha Lalla emphasized the importance of environmental conservation to students, discussing environmental degradation and actionable steps they can take to preserve it. The students engaged proactively in the dialogue, sharing their perspectives on the current state of climate change.


Teachers Training Program in Odisha

This February, The Mother’s Public School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha organized a Teachers’ Training Program in their campus, in association with The Climate Project Foundation, as a part of Green Campus Program initiative. It was an extensive workshop that went on for two days, and exclusively for the teachers. 

Teachers from 5 branches of the Mother’s Public School-Odisha were present for 2 days to learn and exchange their views, participate in group presentations, and integrate activities in their curriculum. The Mother’s Public School has Climate Change as their topic for all their activities, around the year.

Audit Workshop for
Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai

The Climate Project Foundation recently conducted an audit workshop at the Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai, to impart knowledge about green auditing. This process assesses environmental practices both on and off campus, impacting the atmosphere directly or indirectly. Green auditing systematically identifies, quantifies, records, reports, and analyses components of the college environment. 

The objective was to involve the students in environmental auditing, helping them understand their institution's carbon footprint and resource consumption. It also educates them on aspects like plant diversity, pollution reduction, and soil preservation. Green auditing contributes to biodiversity protection, landscape management, water conservation, and natural topography maintenance. 

The workshop engaged 40 students and their professors, beginning with an overview of global energy, waste, and climate change scenarios, followed by discussions on India's current situation.


MoU Signed with HEIs in Mumbai

We recently signed an MoU with the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in Mumbai: A.G.S College of Education; and Vikas College of Arts, Science & Commerce to collaborate on implementing SDGs "Green Campus Program" & "Faculty Development Program". TCPF actively supports UN's SDGs, aligning with India's national implementation efforts. 

Our focus includes sustainable development, climate solutions, and making Indian campuses carbon neutral. This partnership aims to spread awareness of climate change and environmental sustainability through the "Faculty Development Program."

Teachers’ Training Program at
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies

A Teachers’ Training Program was conducted under the Green Campus Program (GCP) for Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS), Pune to discuss Sustainability and ESG, and to guide about GCP, processes involved in the same, and the roadmap.

SCMS Pune is registered with us under the GCP. Mr. Bhavesh Swami discussed Sustainability and ESG (Environmental Social Governance). After a quick overview of TCPF, he delivered a short but impactful presentation about sustainability, current ESG trends in business, and the need for climate education among students. The talk was designed for the management students. 

Dr. Amruta Deshmukh gave an overview of the Green Campus Program for HEIs and introduced the need for climate action. She explained the objectives and explained the alignment with NAAC and UGC circulars. She also explained the GCP roadmap and work done by other HEIs under GCP in detail. 


Webinar on World Wetlands Day

A webinar on the eve of World Wetlands Day was organized by The Climate Project Foundation. The theme of the webinar was, “Wetlands & Human Wellbeing.” The webinar was attended by 500+ participants, including the faculty & students from various colleges. 

Ms. Sumaiya Mamun, an urban planner, addressed wetland issues and conservation measures, highlighting threats to mangroves, swamps, and marshes from anthropogenic activities. She discussed landscape topography in India and Bangladesh and the threat of microplastics to species. She also outlined government sector initiatives for conservation. 

Mr. Raj Mohan, of Sustainable Green Initiative, emphasized tree importance and showcased plantation drives across India, transforming barren landscapes into green spaces with 60 million trees planted for climate action. His focus on sapling distribution engaged local residents in restoration efforts.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 115507.png

Acts of Leadership by
Climate Reality Leaders

Rituraj Phukan

Mr. Rituraj Phukan, National Coordinator, Biodiversity - The Climate Project Foundation has penned down an article, “Impact of COP28 on India: Global stocktake and the challenge of balancing economic growth with climate responsibilities,” which was published in The CSR Universe.

Click here to read it:

He has also written an editorial on “The COP28 Conundrum” published in The Financial Express. Click here to read it.

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Anand Pendharkar

SPROUTS led by Mr. Anand Pendharkar, restarted its Monthly Lecture Series into its 12th year, with an expert, Dr. Aprit Bansal on Photographing Birds around the World, on Fri Jan 19, 2024. Anand Pendharkar also conducted a Bird Walk on Jan 29, 2024, Birds of Shikha Eco -Learning Village, Odisha with Happy Hands School for the Deaf, School students & teachers.

Anand P.jpeg

Our Leaders at The Climate Conference 2024

Ms. Elsie Gabriel, Ms. Nita Ganguly, and Mr. Anand Pendharkar were invited at The Climate Conference, 2024 organised by MoEFCC in partnership with Avana Climate & sustainability Fund on 12th January at Taj Santacruz. They interacted & deliberated on Financing sustainability endeavours.

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Prafulla Dhal

Mr. Prafulla Dhal, National Coordinator, Climate Disaster and Livelihood - The Climate Project Foundation, conducted an eco-walk for sustainable coastal ecosystems in Odisha with 1100 village organisations 700 km coastal length and 2000 schools, colleges and FPOs covered and 600000 rural participants. This eco-walk is intended to carry on for 4 months and has begun from Ganjam to reach Balasore via Puri, Khordha, Jagatsinghpur, and Bhadrak.


Gaurav Sharma

Mr. Gaurav Sharma partnered with ACIC-VGU Foundation for Calling applications for Eco-friendly & Sustainable Lifestyle Accelerator.


Nita Ganguly

Ms. Nita Ganguly, National Coordinator, Waste Management - The Climate Project Foundation, was invited as a Guest Speaker & trainer by DES Kirti M Doongursee College for an workshop on Bio- Enzymes on 20th February at their Biology Lab.

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