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Newsletter (March-April) 2023

Our newsletter will provide updates from our programs, our fellow Climate Reality Leaders who are making difference and how each one of us can act to solve the crisis. And, we would love to know your story and act of leadership, because every action does matter.

Launch of Green Campus Program at Akal University, Punjab

The Climate Project Foundation’s (TCPF) first online introduction meeting with Akal University took place in March 2023, which is a major step towards building a green and sustainable world by initiating the Green Campus Program (GCP) in Bathinda Punjab.

The program was officially launched for the University with a presentation by Aditya Pundir, Director - The Climate Reality Project India & South Asia branch, who underlined the urgency of addressing climate change and the role that universities can play in promoting sustainability. The project aims to create awareness about climate change and encourage the adoption of


sustainable practices at its campus in Sabo ki Talwandi Bhatinda. The launch was followed by a visit in the first week of April 2023. Mr. Pundir visited Akal University, Talwandi Sabo, as a part of the GCP implementation along with Rekha Lalla, GCP Manager, TCPF. The university is dedicated to creating a sustainable future, and a committee has been formed for the same. The visit was a significant step towards that goal. 

2-Day Capacity Building and
Training Workshop 

A two-day capacity building and training workshop for Eco Club members of Chandigarh on climate change, waste, and water, was conducted by By Rekha Lalla, Manager – Green Campus Program, The Climate Project Foundation. The training workshop was organized by the Department of Environment, Chandigarh in association with The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) on 18th March 2023. The objective of this program was to support capacity-building activities and to impart skills to students (schools and colleges) and teachers of Eco-club on various thematic areas like Bio-diversity conservation, Waste Management, and the concept of 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover, 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and climate change-related issues with a focus on Adaptation and Mitigation, and pollution control. 250 teachers from Eco Clubs of Chandigarh participated on the theme Zero Waste City. Students from the Government and Private Schools and Eco Club Heads participated in this workshop followed by group discussions and visited Horticulture Waste Processing Plant, and Construction and Development Plant, Chandigarh. 

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Implementation of Green Campus Program in Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Vidyalaya Aitawade, Sangli

The Climate Project Foundation, in collaboration with Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara, has implemented the Green Campus Program (GCP) at Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Vidyalaya Aitawade (Bk), Taluka – Walwa, District Sangli. The campus has installed 5 kW solar panels, resulting in an annual savings of approximately Rs 60,000. A rooftop rainwater harvesting (RWH) system has been set up, collecting 1,13,700 litres of water from a 2000 sq. ft rooftop, which is used to recharge the borewell and well. Energy-efficient measures include the installation of 43 LED bulbs and tubes. The campus manages wet waste through a 432 cubic feet compost pit, generating around 2 tons of organic fertilizer annually. Color-coded bins facilitate waste segregation, and a 5684 sq. ft herbal garden with 20 plant species has been developed. The implementation of GCP has transformed the campus into an eco-friendly environment, fostering behavioral and attitudinal changes among teachers, students, and the community.

Click here to have a glimpse of the campus transformation.


Principals’ Conclave at
S.D Vidya School, Noida

On 27th March 2023, The S D Vidya School in Noida hosted The Principal's Green Conclave for Climate Crisis and Sustainability Education for a Safer Planet. The event featured esteemed guests Aditya Pundir, Director of the India & South Asia branch, and Ms. Rekha Lalla, Program Manager of Green Campus at The Climate Project Foundation. Mr. Pundir provided an overview session on climate change, discussing its causes, impacts, and solutions. The choir performed a song celebrating Earth, while Ms. Rekha Lalla delivered a presentation on creating and practicing sustainable environments in educational institutions. Additionally, students from SD Vidya conducted cultural program, including dance performance showcasing the five elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, under the theme Panchbhutas.

Click here to have a glimpse of the conclave


Work Green Conclave in Bengaluru

The Work Green Conclave was organized in Bengaluru by Green Footprint Trust and Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) on February 24. It aimed to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on hybrid workplaces and daily life, particularly due to vehicle emissions and infrastructure projects. Rekha Lalla, Program Manager of Green Campus at The Climate Project Foundation, highlighted the transformation of workplaces. She emphasized the importance of environmental sustainability globally, urging companies to switch to 100% renewable


energy, encourage employees to use public transportation, and responsibly conserve energy, water, and resources. Creating a healthy environment would reduce companies' ecological footprint and safeguard valuable resources.

Production of Bio-fertilizer – ‘Azolla’

The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) partnered with Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara, to organize a session introducing students to Azolla, its benefits, and cultivating techniques. Students and teachers collaborated to create a structure for growing Azolla, consisting of a pit (1.5m long, 1.5m wide, and 20cm deep) covered with a plastic sheet and earthen roofing tiles. 

They prepared a mixture of cow dung, soil, and water,


added 50gm of single super phosphate, and planted Azolla seeds in the mixture. Azolla offers multiple advantages, including carbon sequestration, sustainable livestock feed, nitrogen fixation, and increased yields for paddy and other crops.


World Water Day 2023

The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) collaborated with Wednesdays for Water to raise awareness about water conservation on the eve of World Water Day. The theme focused on addressing the global water crisis and accelerating change. Col. Shashikant Dalvi (Retd.), National Coordinator - Water, TCPF, shared his project of making 100 villages in Maharashtra water self-sufficient.


He shared how the journey started with TCPF coming on board to support the first experiment at Kamkheda in Beed Maharashtra and later at 4 villages of Ambegaon taluka in Pune. Ms. Shubhi Kesarwani, Co-Founder and CEO of Gurujal Society discussed their efforts to bring water positivity to water-starved regions through a unique public-private partnership model.


Ms. Fawzia Tarannum, National Coordinator - Water, TCPF, highlighted how different stakeholders are coming forward to bridge the industry–academia gap, thus creating a pool of water professionals that can take up the challenges faced by the industry. 

International Youth Sustainability
Festival 2023

The Climate Project Foundation partnered with ExploreiT to organize the International Youth Sustainability Festival 2023, with the following objectives:

  • To expose students to current development in various fields of sustainability and provide them with an opportunity to present their innovative ideas in the form of posters and models. 

  • To create an event with a low carbon footprint, which is a mix of academic and youth-oriented segments. 

  • To foster youth partnerships toward the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals


The festival was inaugurated by the "Water Man of India" Dr. Rajendra Singh and Dr. Ujjwal Chauhan, Additional Commissioner, Income Tax, Mumbai.


Aditya Pundir, Director - The Climate Reality Project - India and South Asia branch, graced the inaugural function along with Dr. M.S. Shejul, Registrar of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), who delivered the welcome address and felicitated the guests.


Young People’s Climate Conference 2023

The two-day Young People's Climate Conference 2023 took place in April 2023, aiming to promote sustainability education to the mainstream and encourage students to incorporate sustainable practices in their daily lives and work on ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) projects. Sectoral experts highlighted the importance of breaking down climate change into smaller segments for effective action. The conference was inaugurated by Sh. Sheelam Seth, CEO of Shri Educare, and Mr. Aditya Pundir, The Climate Reality Project - India and South Asia and both emphasized the preservation of the environment through traditional and technological methods.


Bhavesh Swami, Lead - Engagements and Clean Energy, The Climate Project Foundation, presented the first session titled ‘Clean Energy projects for Students,’ where he shared about how newer forms of energy are competing with traditional power generation and ‘grid parity’ has been achieved in the case of solar energy with an added advantage of almost negligible emissions. Nadeem Qadri, who has set up a Nature University in Pampore, shared how students differentiate between activism and advocacy. Over 400 students participated in the conference.

1 (2).jpg

Earth Day Celebrations

At Rotary Club Gurgaon

Rotary Club of Gurgaon Greens, a new club formed under the aegis Rotary International invited The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) to commemorate Earth Day 2023 and brainstorm areas of collaboration. Bhavesh Swami – Lead, Clean Energy and Engagements, TCPF addressed the forum and shared the wider perspective of climate change and its day-to-day impacts leading to solutions that TCPF is working on, ranging from tree plantation to rainwater harvesting to Green Campuses. Members showed a great interest in all the mentioned areas and wanted to visit the locations where these projects have been implemented and foresee the possible collaboration roadmap.


A Webinar for the Students at Chitkara University

A webinar was held at Chitkara University in partnership with Earth Day Network, Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP), and Chitkara University to commemorate Earth Day 2023 with the theme “Invest in Our Planet”. Ms. Neelam Majumdar, Director of Education & Outreach, Earth Day Network, discussed the evolution of Earth Day as a movement of collective change. Bhavesh Swami, Lead of Engagements and Clean Energy at The Climate Project Foundation, shared the importance of investing in the environment for the future, while Dr. Charu Khosla, Assistant Dean of International Affairs, Chitkara University, and Mr. Hitesh Kumar Gulati, Director General, APSWDP, discussed the Green Campus Program and its benefits. Mr. Hitesh Kumar Gulati, Director General, APSWDP, and a senior climate reality leader shared how he is imbibing green practices in HR and other Faculty Management/Development programs and able to see

Earth (2).png

the positive results achieved. More than 200 students participated in the webinar.

Webinar on Children for Greener Planet

On the eve of Earth Day 2023, the Early Childhood Development Forum (ECDF) conducted a webinar titled, "Children for Greener Planet" in collaboration with the Child Education and Development Research Centre and The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF). Educators worldwide participated, and expert panelists, including Nita Ganguly and Dr. Ketna Atul Matkar, both Climate Reality Leaders, shared their opinions, knowledge, and experiences.


Ms. Ganguly emphasized the importance of sustainability education and storytelling to engage children and foster their connection with nature. Dr. Matkar highlighted the significance of children's involvement in promoting behavioral and attitudinal change toward nature. The session was moderated by Smruti S Samantray, Manager - Communication, TCPF.

Click here to view the recording of webinar

Earth Day Webinar.jpg

Leadership Acts

Pond Rejuvenation – Sunil Mysore

Ponds arrest the rainwater runoff that can be used for irrigation. As they slowly recharge the shallow aquifer which can be tapped from a nearby shallow well. On the outskirts of Nagarahole forest, a pond was recharged. The entire runoff from the farm is channeled into this unlined pond. A withdrawal well is made 40 feet away from this pond. The well is 6 feet in diameter and 45 feet deep. Good potable Water is always available in this well throughout the year thanks to rain, soil, and the pond. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-05 at 23.11_edite

Col Shashikant Dalvi (Retd.) receives Jal Prahari Award

Col Dalvi. (Retd.) was conferred with the "Jal Prahari" award on 29 March 2023, held at New Maharashtra Sadan, New Delhi. He addressed the attendees and explained about the rooftop rainwater harvesting system in urban and rural areas and "Jal Atmanirbhar Abhiyan" in 100 water-starved villages of Beed District, Maharashtra.  Now, around 5 Lakh villagers will be free from tanker water and will have a water supply throughout the year.

Col Dalvi_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Vidhi Vohra as Panel Speaker

A discussion on 'Circularity in Plastics' with industry experts was held at the 3rd Plastics Recycling Conference, Asia (PRCA) on the 28th April 2023 at The Lalit, Mumbai. 

The session served as a platform for unique insights, fresh perspectives, and thought-provoking ideas where she discussed about 'The today & tomorrow of Plastics Circularity to achieve Sustainable Goals.'

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-24 at 18.25_edite

Elsie Gabriel at C20 Summit & L'Oréal Women Climate Championship

Ms. Gabriel was invited to contribute to the C20 working committee for G20 Global Summit on Environment and Disasters, Gender Equality & Disability Working Group Summit. Policy discussions and consolidation of policy recommendations for each of the 7 sub-themes covered by the Gender Equality & Disability Environment and Disasters Working Group were:

  1. Economic Empowerment & Sustainable Livelihoods  

  2. Education & Skill Development

  3. Environment & Disasters


She propagated messages for waste segregation. She also conducted ocean clean-up drives with intensive research on ocean plastics in Powai Lake, Mumbai. Her journey started with her selection as part of the first 20 women’s climate cohort by the Maharashtra Government of India. L’Oréal has recognized her efforts for one of the honourable accolades awarded by L'Oréal, i.e., “L'Oréal Women Climate Champion”.

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