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When The Climate Reality Project India started its mission in 2009, the first challenge was to make people aware about the science and impacts of Climate change as there was very little awareness about the crisis. We started the Climate Change Awareness Program to make people understand that our climate is changing and the solutions are in our hands.

Under this program, the well trained and expert Climate Reality Leaders give the customized and curated presentation on the science, impacts and solutions of Climate change for the region. Through this program, we collaborate with our partners to organize and conduct presentations. We have been proactively engaging the businesses, commercial associations, government, media houses, educational institutions and resident communities in climate change conversations.

Climate Change Conversations

Zee Entertainment

The Climate Reality Project India collaborated with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. to impart education and training on environmental issues. It all began with the “Climate Impact” program, which is a series of workshops that was conducted for the employees of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

These sessions/workshops were led by Climate Reality Leaders who are field experts on various environmental issues and have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in working towards creating a more sustainable environment.

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