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The Climate Reality Project - South Asia

South Asian countries are among the world’s biggest and diverse biodiversity hotspots.  A region rich with vast diverse geographical wonders such as the Sundarbans - the largest mangrove forest in the world, Lakshadweep’s coral reefs in India, Sri Lanka surrounded with the Indian Ocean and Bhutan’s vast-spread Eastern Himalayan Alpine Shrubs and Meadows. An area rich in ethnic landscapes is unfortunately at the forefront of climate change making it a highly vulnerable region for its residents.

With every passing year, climate change is affecting South Asian countries with prolonged heat waves, floods and droughts continuously impacting the lives of the people in the region. Bangladesh sits at the forefront and is continuously susceptible to climate risks - making adaptation a very crucial aspect to look at. Sri Lanka is facing increased climate externalities on top of the unprecedented economic crisis, creating direct impacts on the livelihoods of the people. India is no different with incessant rains, sea-side calamities and even disturbed wind patterns and monsoons, making lives miserable for the population at large. As per the IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report 2022, we need rapid transformation across all the solution regimen to avoid the worst climate impacts.

The Climate Project Foundation is unifying the efforts of these South Asian countries by increasing cross-country collaborations, working together with stakeholders thus understanding the needs in each of these regions and cause an impact in the lifestyle and behaviour of the people to mitigate climate change. 

Leadership at South Asian Countries

To understand the local impact of climate change in South Asian countries, The Climate Project Foundation has appointed country representatives; who are helping us understand the mitigation strategies in their respective countries.

Sri Lanka

Ms. Kanchana Weerakoon

Country Coordinator



Mr. Phurpa Lama

Country Coordinator

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