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Newsletter (Jan-Feb) 2023

Our newsletter will provide updates from our programs, our fellow Climate Reality Leaders who are making difference and how each one of us can act to solve the crisis. And, we would love to know your story and act of leadership, because every action does matter.

Workshop on Teachers’ Training Program

With an objective to impart knowledge to the teaching community about the Green Campus Program (GCP) and educate them on the 5 domains of GCP, we conducted a Teachers’ Training Program on from 5th to 12th January, 2023. This is our first time getting a school from Patna, Bihar. The workshop for the DPS Patna teachers was led by Ms Seema Bali - Vice Principal of St. Mary’s Dwarka, Delhi & our consultants. 170 teachers participated for six days. It was an interactive workshop. The workshop’s first session was on Climate Change and with an introduction to the Green Campus Program. The first day was followed by five more days on the topics: Air, Water, biodiversity, Waste & Energy, one each day.


“Empower Her” with Vidya School

On 27 January 2023, Empower Her was organized in the Vidya School, Gurugram, Haryana.

On the brighter side, there are have been several important changes and achievements in the system of formal education of girls, in the last decade and a half. However evidently, women in India are conspicuously missing from the workforce. There are several factors behind this sharp decline: family-enforced social norms that place women predominantly in caregiving roles, deeply ingrained stereotypes around occupations, traditionally low levels of self-confidence, and information and network asymmetries. With so many job sectors that are traditionally male-dominated, women seemingly have either less or no access compared with the amount of information and opportunities. Empower Her aimed to catalyse upskilling and employability of women and in creating a qualitative women workforce. It was conducted by Global Shapers, Gurugram with respect to its return to in-person events post the pandemic.

All the young girls interacted with women experts who joined the session from diverse backgrounds and unconventional fields to spark curiosity and build a perspective that girls can pick up career paths that are less taken. With this event, girls can articulate what they aspire to become, understand how to acquire skills required to venture into those fields, and how to deal with challenges and work towards it. Rekha Lalla, Program Manager – Green Campus Program shared her climate story and personal journey with the girl. 

Girls from Vidya school were divided into groups. Ms. Lalla took 4 Sessions with the girls and explained them her personal story and her career journey. Each session involved the participation from 5-6 women experts from diverse domains and industries who shared their journey, challenges & how they built their careers by sharing their stories. Students were very enthusiastic and excited. They asked many queries and questions related to their career choices. The event was sponsored by Canada Consulate general.


Open Letter to Brazil

Online letters were written by students of 6 schools from Delhi-NCR & Chennai to Brazil.

The objective of this exercise was to carry out a collection in the youth pavilion of handwritten letters by young people about what they would like Brazilian children to know, learn or find out about climate change, like "what can you do to learn and engage in the climate crises, even though you don't have climate education at school?"

60 letters were written by students from 6 schools of India to Brazil, of which some were handwritten, and rest digital. 

Some of the schools that participated enthusiastically in a short time are Adarsh Public School Bali Nagar-Delhi, Bluebells School International EOK-Delhi, KIIT International School, Gurgaon, Haryana, Vels Vidhayashram, Thalambur, Chennai, RMK Sr Secondary School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and St. Mary’s School, Delhi.

India ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) Partnership Private Sector Roundtable: 2023

On 22nd February, an India ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) Partnership Private Sector Roundtable 2023 edition was conducted that brought the stakeholders like EV manufacturers, charger manufacturers, and other user segments from local as well as international markets together to the table to identify opportunities for stronger private sector collaboration supporting Industry ambition and India Zero-Emission-Vehicle priorities. The Climate Project Foundation was invited to the roundtable discussion as part of the newly launched ‘Partnership to Support an Accelerated Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles in India.’

The Partnership consists of two interconnecting initiatives: one is The ZEV Country Pilot with India: To develop a framework that will help provide focused and coordinated technical and financial support to help India’s transition and the other one is the ZEV Emerging Markets Initiative (ZEV-EM-I) India Dialogue: To facilitate partnerships between India and industry to accelerate private investment and public policies, enabling both to achieve their ambitious ZEV deployment goals.

More such concrete discussions are planned (at the outset of COP 27 discussions) to shape collective investment agreements in the lead-up to the Clean Energy Ministerial, G20 Summit, and COP28. TCPF also shared its work done with govt. and other players to bring mass awareness and other policy suggestions that help accelerate faster adoption and help realize India’s dream of 30% of vehicle sales to be EVs in the entire vehicle sales segment.

Media EV Roundtable (1).jpg

EV Update Media Maharashtra Summit 2023

On 22nd February, EV Update Media in partnership with The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) conducted the summit. The event was attended by CRL Shivam Singh. 

With a renewed focus on EVs and their ecosystem development, EV Update Media our partners disseminated organized the “EV Update Maharashtra Summit 2023” in Pune, Maharashtra. Senior officials from the Pune Municipality, who graced the event, shared how they are working on the demand side management and trying to create opportunities for EV fleet deployment. 

The manufacturers and solution providers also showcased how they are working on bringing EVs closer to the masses. TCPF also shared the buyer’s perspective on the guidance and information unavailability; and how a neutral platform is missing where one can get unbiased information with respect to the product he/she wants to purchase. Our partner, EV Update Media bridging the information gap that is prevailing across the value chain, and this was appreciated by everyone.


MoU with Delhi EV Cell

The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) has joined hands with the Delhi EV Cell (DEC), a subsidiary of the Transport Department, Govt. of Delhi to promote EVs and associated infrastructure built up that includes charging infrastructure, entrepreneurship opportunities in the EV sector, and battery technology improvement among other. 

The MoU intends to create a win-win situation for both parties with better facilitation in each other’s interventions. Some of the expectations vested are: i) TCPF will provide support to maximize the reach out for DEC’s scheme for uptaking charging infrastructure whereby they are providing a subsidy of 33% and help in getting more schools to become EV-ready. ii) TCPF will also help DEC build up a knowledge management repository (through posters, short information capsules, social media, etc.) to generate awareness about EVs and eradicate myths associated with them. We will also be helping the Cell in setting the technical and scientific temperament among the school and college students by engaging them in various measures including an annual competition, with a focus on how to improvise battery range, performance, and other peripherals like solar modules-based charging, etc.

This collaboration looks up at a brighter future for EVs in India and how it can contribute towards a sustainable tomorrow that thrives majorly on clean energy.

HACK KMRU 2.0: Session on “Climate Change - Problems and Solutions, What can Youth Do?”

On 17th February 2023, The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) was invited to K R Mangalam University, Gurgaon (KRMU) to deliver a keynote address as part of ‘HACK – KMRU 2.0’, the flagship hackathon event of the university. Bhavesh Swami, Lead – Clean Energy Policy and Engagements from TCPF delivered the keynote and shared newer areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML and AI) that are taking sustainability at its core. He further added with the insights on the energy intensity of data mining and cloud computing and how newer startups are helping ride this wave in energy-efficient ways. 

Students too poised interesting questions like how bigger tech

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-25 at 19.53.49.jpg

companies have become carbon responsible and what are the plans by other sectors, where they can find avenues to work. Students from more than 50 universities participated in the event with a greater emphasis on learning from each other and building collaborative projects.

Events in Surajkund Mela 2023

On 11th February 2023, a session was delivered by Ms. Sameera Satija, which started with a general overview of Climate Change and its reasons, landfills and its impact on soil, air and water, water scarcity, etc. She shared the simple, easy, doable, and sustainable actions in daily life. Sameera also briefed them about the Crockery Bank concept which she had founded in 2018. A live demo of preparing organic and natural household cleansers with kitchen waste called Bio Enzymes was also organized. Students showed great interest in learning more about landfills as they can relate to it because of a major landfill existing in the proximity of their University. They also had a lot of questions about Bio Enzyme and its uses.

On 12th Feb 2023, in association with NEHHDC, Samarth Khanna from Nature’s Orbit organized ‘Climate Awareness Sessions’ supported by the TCPF session on the previous day. The Nature’s Orbit organized a meet-up consisting of a series of green discussions on 12th February 2023 in Van Bhoj ( mud house ), a sustainable living eco-space, as a part of Surajkund International Craft Mela.

The meet-up consisted of the Chief Guest; Brigadier Rajiv Kumar Singh, Managing Director of NEHHDC and Rekha Lalla and Bhavesh from TCPF were present there along with other experts from the green economy. The event was hosted by Debabrata Rajkumar, Founder of Natures’ Orbit.  The meet-up resulted in a promising future of prospective collaboration and partnerships for different interventions and taking the Green Campus Program forward. 

Surajkund (1)_edited.jpg

Butterfly Garden in Sangli, Maharashtra

Butterflies help in maintaining the ecosystem in a more balanced way by acting as pollinators, prey, biological pest control, inducing genetic variation in plants, and enhancing environmental beauty. They also help in reducing the carbon dioxide levels in the air. From January to February ’23, with the spirit of a new beginning in the new year, Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya Kadegaon, Tal – Kadegaon, District Sangli, Maharashtra took an initiative to create a Butterfly Garden as a part of activities for the Green Campus Program (GCP).

The objectives of this program are: to generate awareness amongst the students on the importance of butterflies in our ecosystem; to acquaint them with the host and nectar plant of butterflies; to create an open lab for students where they can study the life cycle of the butterfly; and to replicate this activity in students’ homes or communities.

The school has planted various 50 host and nectar plants to attract the butterflies. Some of the host Plants are Lemon, Stone Apple, Miracle leaf plant, Pipe Vine, Crown Flower, Banyan tree, Cluster Fig, etc and Nectar Plants are Lantana, Blue Jamaica Spike, Hibiscus, Marigold, Common milkweed plant, Ixora, Plumbago, Duranta etc. The students recorded 17 butterflies in the butterfly garden while studying the life cycle of various butterflies. 100 students from 8th standard and 9th standard participated in this activity.

This activity is initiated and implemented with the help of students by Dr. Sudhir Kumbhar. Principal of the school Chavhan V.D, Coordinator teachers of Green Campus Pemdurkar sir, Shrikant Pawar, Karade I.M. is supporting and assisting Dr Sudhir Kumbhar for the smooth implementation of the program. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-20 at 00.11.31.jpg

Herbal Garden in Pune 

The Ahilyadevi Highschool for Girls, Shanivar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, which is one of the  Green Campus Program (GCP) schools has come forward with an initiative to create a Herbal Garden. Partnered with the Deccan Education Society Pune. The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) catalysed this intervention.  

The objectives of this herbal garden are to plant a various medicinal plant in campus; participate students in the development of the herbal garden and implement hands-on activity through students; to acquaint students on various varieties of medicinal plants; make students aware of the uses of medicinal plants and about our traditional science of treating diseases with the uses of medicinal plants and their various parts. 40 Students from the 8th standard participated in this activity and planted saplings of 50 varieties of medicinal plants on the campus. Some of the plants are Cuscus grass, Ashwagandha, Malabar nut, Turmeric, Lemon grass, Aloe vera, Ajwain, Bramhi, Heart-leaved moonseed, etc. They are now taking care of those saplings. 


Acts of Leadership

Prafulla Dhal 

Prafulla Dhal attended the session, “CSR - A strategic tool towards sustainability movement in India” as a speaker. Presentation in International conference in XIMB University, Bhubaneswar.

He also participated in Vibrant Odisha Conclave 2023 on “Odisha - The Land of opportunities” organized by Indus-Valley Times-Centre for Socio-Economic Studies.

Prafulla Dhal - 1_edited.jpg

Rituraj Phukan

Deliberation on Y20 India for “Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Sustainability a way of Life.” The February issue of Sanctuary Asia has a #COP15 feature including Mr. Rituraj’s perspective on the #UNBiodiverity conference.

 Link to the magazine-

Rituraj Phukan (1).jpg

Shashikant Dalvi

On 20 Jan 23, Col Shashikant Dalvi (Retd.), Parjanya Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy and Mr. Anirudh Todkar, MD, MAPS Industries Ltd Pune, successfully completed, Jal Aatmanirbhar Abhiyan in 100 villages of Beed District, making these water-starved villages, Water sufficient. Under this project, rooftop rainwater from around 5000 buildings, including 70 schools, 56 religious buildings, 23 govt buildings and village houses, is channelized to raise depleting groundwater table using Rainwater Harvesting System, and increasing the availability of water to 100 villages, making them water sufficient and Tanker Water free. From around 39 lakh sq. ft of Rooftop area, annually more than 26 crore liters of rainwater will be channelized to raise the groundwater table using Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Under this project, 2997 borewells and 156 open wells were recharged. This project is one of the largest in Maharashtra State and India. The project was executed in a record of 7 months. With the implementation of this project, more than 4 lakh villagers from these 100 villages will be free from water shortage. 2.25 lakh Fruit trees were planted in these villages. This will help restore the biodiversity of the area.

Shashikant Dalvi.PNG

Pournima Agarkar

Pournima Agarkar Organized the YouCAN Environment Fest in Pune International Centre being a part of EECC (Energy Environment and Climate Change). 

Pournima Agarkar.jpg

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma presented his 3rd TEDx talk on climate change has been featured in the official TED website. This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDx Anand Nagar, an independent event. 

Gaurav, a social entrepreneur recognized as “Trashman of Rajasthan” recently gave a TEDx Talk on the subject of Climate Change. In his talk, Sharma delved into the urgent need for action to address this pressing global issue and emphasized the importance of individual actions in creating a sustainable future.

Gaurav S.PNG

Gaurav began his talk by highlighting the devastating effects of climate change that are already being felt around the world, from rising sea levels to more frequent and intense natural disasters. He then went on to explain the science behind climate change, emphasizing that it is largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

One of his key points was the urgent need for action to address the problem of climate change. He stressed that, while governments and corporations have an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is also essential that individuals take responsibility for their own actions. He encouraged his audience to make small changes in their daily lives, such as reducing their carbon footprint through using sustainable straw, toothbrush and by composting their food waste. He also spoke about the importance of community action and working together to create a more sustainable future. He emphasized that we need to change the narrative about how we look at Climate Change.  

Avinash Narayanswamy

Avinash Narayanswamy conducted a 2-day activity converting close to a tonne of food waste from a hotel (including biodegradable areca and bagasse plates) into bio compost. Most of Bangalore's 3000 tonnes/day of organic waste (around 70% is food) reaches landfills causing rampant environmental pollution apart from methane (dangerous global warming gas) emissions. 

“A third of the food produced worldwide is wasted by humans, which in my opinion is wrong. When food is wasted, all the effort and energy from readying the soil, growing the crop, processing, transporting, and eventually cooking it is also wasted. The bio-compost so obtained is in a form Mother Nature can readily accept” he shared. A tonne of organic waste was prevented from reaching the landfill and was instead converted into a natural soil fertilizer and this is how we can optimize utility of the resources and bring responsible consumption into practice.

Avinash N.jpeg
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