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Newsletter (July-August) 2023

Our newsletter will provide updates from our programs, our fellow Climate Reality Leaders who are making difference and how each one of us can act to solve the crisis. And, we would love to know your story and act of leadership, because every action does matter.

Green Campus Program Acceleration: Committee Meetings

KR Mangalam University  

In July, Ms. Rekha Lalla led the Green Campus Program committee meeting at K. R. MANGALAM UNIVERSITY, Sohna Road, Gurugram, Haryana, during which she delivered a presentation on the program and its protocols. The Committee consists of 08 members, who took detailed notes with the intention of implementing the discussed points in a subsequent phase. They also expressed their appreciation for the ideas presented. This was followed by a positive discussion on the university's green initiatives and audit process. These initiatives encompassed various sustainability measures, including using solar panels, grid improvements, wastewater treatment plants, incinerators, electric vehicles (EVs), and establishing a kitchen garden. The Committee sought our assistance in assisting the villages they have adopted to become "smart" communities, as well as expressed the need for a session focused on student engagement. 

Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute

A workshop on the Green Campus Program was conducted at the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, Delhi. Educators from various science and social science backgrounds convened to receive an introduction to the Green Campus Program and learn about conducting audits. The GCP Committee received the GCP Audit booklet for audit guidance, and past winning schools' audit samples were presented to enhance their comprehension.

Here is a glimpse of it

Air Force School Visit.jpg

Not Just a Chulha!
Workshop on Sustainable Cookstoves for Women in Kusumbi Village

Under the climate justice theme, The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF) collaborated with the Maharashtra Foundation, New York in its initiative, “PANCHAM.” PANCHAM is a project that focuses on mitigating several socio-economic issues

including women’s upliftment with a dedicated program named as, “Women Leadership Program for Climate Adaptation and Resilience.” 

PANCHAM is a project jointly implemented by Maharashtra Foundation, New York; The Climate Project Foundation, New Delhi; Action for Women and Rural Development (AWARD), Satara; and Resource and Support Centre for Development (RSCD) in the Kusumbi village of Satara district, Maharashtra. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-05 at 12.16.42.jpeg

Under this program, TCPF organized a workshop on sustainable cookstoves for the women in the rural communities of Kusumbi village, which was implemented and facilitated by TCPF, and M G Green Solutions was invited to mentor the workshop. This program is supported by the Maharashtra Foundation. 

The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Raise awareness about improved cookstoves and emphasize their advantages over traditional stoves 

  • Train women to build sustainable stoves.

  • Promote them as a sustainable income source for women.

  • To improve the indoor air quality 


Indoor air pollution is a silent killer and poses significant health risks, especially to women, in multifarious ways. Indoor air pollutants are known to affect the unborn infant in the womb as well. When a woman of the house prepares a meal for her family with utter happiness and a sense of care and giving, she conveniently ignores the problems that she is facing, including inhalation of pollutants. The kitchen is not just a happy place for her where she stirs and pours her affection, but also a dangerous indoor space where carbon emissions are high, direct, and affect more. With the introduction of sustainable cookstoves, we ensured that such a problem is addressed.

This five-day program was divided into one day of training in theory and its environmental importance, complemented by a practical demonstration, two days for hands-on training, wherein the participating women built 12 improved cookstoves, followed by training on user guidance, including safety precautions, the next day.


The last day involved field visits to households, assessing the functionality of installed cookstoves, and gathering user feedback. One of the beautiful aspects of this program is that it has a revenue-generating model integrated with it, catalyzing  “learn and earn” ecosystem that further catalyzes self-sustaining systems.

Three types of cookstoves were created:

  • Lakshmi (has Single burner, second pot and chimney)

  • Bhagya Lakshmi (has single burner and second pot)

  • Griha Lakshmi (has single burner)


In a country where “chulha” (cookstove) is revered, we witnessed the kind of overwhelming emotions attached to it when the installation was being done. The women were immensely happy to know that we care for their health, financial independence and the planet. The aim is to replace at least 100 traditional cook stoves with sustainable stoves built by these trained women and empower more women.

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-05 at 12.16.42 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-09-05 at 13.43.47.jpeg

MOU Signing with GD Goenka University

An MoU was signed between The Climate Project Foundation and GD Goenka University heralding the initiation of the Green Campus Program in the latter’s campus. This collaboration will encompass registration procedures, committee sessions, and cooperation with their Centre of Excellence for Occupational Health, Safety, Fire & Environment. The dialogue began by discussing the university's upcoming courses in design and sustainability.


Together, The Climate Project Foundation and GD Goenka University aim to create a greener, more sustainable future for both the campus community and beyond. Here is a glimpse of it.

MoU with GD Goenka.png

Empowering Educators: Teachers' Training Program at Ganga International School

A Teachers Training Program (TTP) was conducted at the Ganga International School, which aimed to train the trainers of the youth. The workshop was first Online followed by an offline or Physical session at the Ganga International School campus amid wheat fields.

The program helped build capacity on climate education integrating education inside and outside the classroom for the educators in a strategic way so that they can help young people understand the causes and consequences of climate change, bring about changes in attitudes and behaviours to reduce the severity of future climate change, and build resilience. Ms. Rekha Lalla addressed the session with a presentation on Climate Change (Science, Impacts, and Solutions), urging the teachers and providing them with the tools to tweak their school’s curriculum and campus behaviours toward social and environmental responsibility, followed by a discussion and doubt-clearing session.

This holistic training experience at Ganga International School served as a pivotal step towards equipping educators with the knowledge and tools required to empower the next generation of environmentally conscious global citizens.

pic 4.jpg
pic 5.jpg

Green Campus Program in Kashmir

We laid the foundation brick of sustainability education in Jammu & Kashmir on 5th of June 2023, without being completely aware of how it is going to fare. What we were not prepared for is the humongous flow of love and enthusiasm for such work we would get in the process.

World Environment Day 2023 marks a historical moment for all of us in The Climate Project Foundation as we achieved many milestones, including the kickstarting of our flagship program, Green Campus Program (GCP) in Jammu & Kashmir. Our first event was Principals’ Conclave in Pampore, which received an overwhelming response. Since then, there has been no pause.

We have created a team of 6 members working rigorously on propagating sustainability education through Teachers’ Training Program and Principals’ Conclave, followed by implementing GCP in the campuses of educational institutions. Several workshops on different themes were conducted in these educational institutions.

Below is the list of schools & colleges have pledged to move towards Net Zero transformation and Just Transition, and have undergone the workshops:

Name of the School
Name of the Workshops
Islamia Scientific Model Institute
Air, Water, Climate Change & GCP
The Cambridge Foundation School, Tangmarag
Air, Water, Climate Change & GCP
Green Meadows School
Air, Water, Climate Change & GCP
Srinagar International School
Waste & Climate Change
Dolphine International School
Climate Change
Islamia high school Drangbal, Pampore

Teachers’ Training Program: A Teachers’ Training Program was conducted in the Satisar Educational Institute, Namblabal Pampore, Kashmir in the month of August. This one-day training program was attended by nearly 10 teachers. The Program aimed at raising awareness about environmental issues, introduce The Climate Project Foundation, its programs, and educate participants on the implementation of the Green Campus Program. 

“Kashmir,” as one of the attending educators mentioned, someone has come to make a difference in society by blending sustainability and education in 35 years and creating transformative impacts. 

Many more milestones to come. Giving a back glance at it standing today, and thinking about where it all started, we realize that J&K is one of the most beautiful states that is willing to look up towards a sustainable future.

MUN Conference at Vega School

Model United Nations conferences provide students with a platform to unleash their diplomatic and communication skills through the simulation of various committees of the United Nations. Vega School, Gurgaon, hosted an empowering Model United Nations (MUN) Conference, where students honed their skills, and The Climate Project Foundation was a part of it.

Grade XI students, serving as the Secretariat and Organizing Committee, orchestrated the entire conference. Students from various schools of Gurgaon organized a tree plantation drive and actively participated in the MUN Conference.

Ms. Rekha Lalla spoke on the importance of trees and native plants and what actions a student can take as young ambassadors of sustainability, thus bringing transformative ideas and experiences to the table.

Pic 2.jpg

G 20-inspired Summit on Food & Water Nexus in Bal Bharti Public School

Bal Bharti Public School (BBPS) Dwarka, a certified Green Campus Program institution, hosted a G20-inspired school summit on the Food and Water Nexus. BBPS, renowned in Delhi NCR, welcomed 20 schools from across India, each representing a G20 block. These schools shared their nations' water and food challenges.

Bhavesh Swami, representing The Climate Project Foundation (TCPF), shared valuable insights drawn from TCPF's extensive fieldwork, particularly in regions like Beed and other parts of India. He shed light on the profound impact of water scarcity on agriculture, resulting in diminished farm yields and reduced incomes for rural communities.

Students eagerly absorbed this knowledge, finding the summit enlightening. They gained a better understanding of G20 Secretariat operations and decision-making processes. TCPF acknowledged the winners and pledged future collaborations, including Mock-CoP initiatives. Here is a glimpse of it.

DSC_1712 (1).JPG

Branch Debriefing on ‘Road to True Net Zero’

The Climate Reality Project India and South Asia Branch attended a debriefing session for Climate Reality Leaders, focusing on the 'Road to True Net Zero' vision by 2023; set up by Al Gore and the Climate Reality CEO - Phyllis Cuttino.

Branch Debriefing on “Road to True Net Zero” (1).png

The Climate Reality Project India and South Asia Branch attended a debriefing session for Climate Reality Leaders, focusing on the 'Road to True Net Zero' vision by 2023; set up by Al Gore and the Climate Reality CEO - Phyllis Cuttino.

Aditya Pundir, the Director of India, and South Asia Branch, discussed the four key areas for climate branches in South Asia:

  • Emission Reduction 

  • Reduce Green Washing 

  • Just Transition (Green Finance) Reforming the global financing system. 

  • International cooperation to COP 

The session also had open discussions on different ideas and Q&A posed by the Climate Reality Leaders. The highlighted the action-oriented approach of the Green Campus Program conceptualized and run by the India & South Asia branch in achieving the net-zero goal.

EV Update Media National Summit 2023

TCPF joined hands with EV Update Media to organize “EV Update Media National Summit 2023,” on 23rd Aug 2023. The objective of the summit is to bring about awareness and bring out the positive change towards just transition towards our net zero goals through EV promotion, bring out the new technologies through fundraising of start-ups. 

Mr. Aditya Pundir, in his inaugural address, reiterated the importance of the low-carbon development path and how more research in the EV space would accelerate the ‘Just Transition’ path.

The summit had technology showcase sessions on EV Bus commute services, two- and three-wheel commercial freight transport solution providers, SaaS-based battery solutions, govt. incentives and initiative sessions for the EV sector, to name a few.

The second day of the summit, “Roundtable Investor and Startup Meet!” was for the budding start-up/entrepreneurs focusing on bridging the gap between new ventures, their mentorship and funding opportunities, where the participants got half an hour to pitch their ideas and take a strike at the luck in your tangent. TCPF collaborated with Sangam–Atal Innovation Centre who came on board for the ‘EV Update Investors’ Meet’ to gauge the potential technologies/solutions along with other VC fund managers. Here is a glimpse of the same.


TCPF Joins Hands with Kirori Mal College

TCPF participated in a 3-day event in Kirori Mal College for their Foundations Day. The theme of the day was, “Where Profit and purpose meet Sustainability.” 

Centre of Innovation and Social Enterprise (CISE) housed at the prestigious Kirori Mal College under Delhi University recently celebrated its Foundation Day on 21st August 2023. The day was celebrated with the theme ‘Connect – Where Profit and Purpose meet Sustainability’.  Climate Reality leader Meghna Joshi, founder of SWAN Livelihoods, a non-profit working on skill enhancement of rural women. She shared her experience with the budding social entrepreneurs that being honest with your product/service offering and lasting relationships is the key to success as the theme of the event aptly embodied. 

The event featured the participation of over 20 women's Self-Help Groups mentored by Ms. Joshi, showcasing their products and creating valuable interactions between students, visitors, and these enterprising women.

As a special guest, Mr. Bhavesh Swami from TCPF added further depth to the event. He delivered insights on the topic 'Pioneering Sustainable Ventures: Nurturing a Career Through Technology-Driven Enterprises.' He threw light on how simple projects like tree plantation can gain via technology add-ons like geo-tagging and online monitoring. He offered to make KMC a certified GCP campus where students can interact with TCPF affiliates, and find internships, and summer jobs as they begin the journey. 

Here is a glimpse of it.


Acts of Leadership by
Climate Reality Leaders

Anand Pendharkar

The Founder-President of SPROUTS Anand Pendharkar collaborated with Ashwamedh Pratisthan to combat climate change and deforestation by establishing a Learning Forest within the 15-acre Ashwamedh Learning & Heritage Sanctuary (ALHS) in Belpada Village, Thane District, Maharashtra, India. Launched during Van Mahotsav, this collaborative effort aims to enhance biodiversity by nurturing a rich variety of trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, grasses, orchids, ferns, palms, fungi, and fauna within the region.

On another occasion, Anand delivered a lecture in the month of July about “Climate Emergencies and their impacts on Communities” to around 85-90 members of the Mohalla Committee Members Trust. The interactions were earnest, and they all seemed keen to engage with action in their respective areas.

Anand P 3.jpg

Radhika Kulkarni

At the Chhatrapati Sambhaji Vidyalaya, Pune Municipal School, the Climate Reality Leader-Mentor Radhika Kulkarni; Mutha River Coordinator Lokesh Bapat; Principal Anita Geete; and Teachers - Anjali Kulkarni, Anuradha Dorge, and Rajan Kuber, to interact with a group of approximately 61 to 65 students from the sixth and seventh grades. The focus of this engaging interaction was 'Environment Protection.'

Radhika k 2.jpg

This event served as an important platform for young minds to gain insights into environmental preservation and learn about practical actions they can take to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Pournima Agarkar

Ms. Pournima Agarkar is catalysing “Move For Earth - Global Cycle Ride.” Through this event she aimed to have over 500 cities, towns, and villages across the planet, took part in the cycle ride on 27th August 2023, where citizens took the open letter to their elected representatives. Dr. Priyadarshini Karve is a part of the Global Ride ahead of the G20 Leadership Summit. The aim of these rides was to highlight transport as a major source of GHG emissions and how meaningful interventions like cycle lanes, and pedestrian pathways can lower the burden on road traffic.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-04 at 17.25.00.jpg

Col. Shashikant Dalvi (Retd.)

In Swachh Survekshan 2023, a Central Government team inspected Col. Shashikant Dalvi's society, focusing on Solid Waste Management, especially Wet Garbage Compost Pits. They documented the pits, inquired about manure collection, and received briefings on waste disposal. The society's success in waste management earned it a place on the shortlist, with the Central Government conducting the annual survey and recognizing effective cleanliness and disposal systems.

Col Dalvi 2.jpg

Riders made a point that they want to work with elected representatives to figure out solutions at the local level for a better future for all.

Pradeep Karuturi

In August 2023, Pradeep Karuturi, a Climate Reality Trained Leader since 2020, established a school in the tribal village of Tapilamamidi situated in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, his fifth such initiative. His mission, driven by #climateaction, focuses on equipping indigenous communities with the essentials to protect their surrounding forests and biodiversity.

Pradeep's journey to Antarctica in 2016 inspired his commitment to grassroots campaigns. In October 2021,

District collector and Pradeep with the school children.jpeg

he visited Tapilamamidi to help the community access education. He rallied them to build a community centre using local resources and designated a tribal member to teach literacy to children, launching the educational centre by June 2022.

On August 16th, 2023, the District Collector, Sri Sumit Kumar, visited Tapilamamidi, marking the village's inaugural official visit. He inaugurated the newly constructed school with tribal child Chinnari. Rajesh, a tribal community member, expressed joy at the children's newfound access to education after 77 years of independence. The district collector praised Pradeep's efforts, declared the project a community model, and pledged funding for similar projects in five more villages, highlighting his commitment to the cause.

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