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Winners of Youth for Earth 2023

Junior Category

1st Position

Project - Neeraja

Project Neeraja from Tribal Residential School, Rohile, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra.
The groundbreaking initiative under Project Neeraja is dedicated to watershed development by constructing continuous contour trenches and loose boulder structures. They addressed the problem of severe soil erosion in Rohile village which is a heavy rainfall area. Their steadfast climate

commitment is praiseworthy. We anticipate that with the active participation of students and the local community, they will devise more innovative ideas for a sustainable future.

2nd Position

Project - BacWP

Project BacWP from  The Iconic School, Bhopal came with a big, bold idea of making biodegradable sanitary pads aiming to drive systemic change for menstrual hygiene & proper waste decomposition. They used readily available natural resources such as water hyacinth, bagasse and papaya fiber for making napkins. This project has the potential for combined benefits like safe disposal, decomposition &

 hygiene. Their climate co-benefits as the outcome of this project with bare minimum resources is commendable. Such inventive attitudes of youth are admirable & we expect they will scale up in future.

3rd Position

Project - Passionately Natural

Project Passionately Natural from TVS Academy Hosur advocated organic farming with the aim to create a kitchen garden, minimizing the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides towards a sustainable food system. They also ensured the farmers community participation by using ‘Panchagavya’ which boosts growth & immunity in the plant system and ‘Jeevamrutham’ that enhances soil fertility. Their

 effort is applaudable for spreading awareness about organic farming. We expect they will explore the future possibilities of climate smart agriculture with their ingenious approach.

4th Position

Project - BeejGole

Project Beejgole from the students of Adarsh Vidyamandir Satara, Maharashtra came with an idea of maximizing the seed germination rate & recommendation for an easy way of growing trees. They made the seed balls, where seeds were wrapped in a mixture of clay, cattle dung or compost to protect the seeds from predators. They selected 10 native species with the help of the village community & local Joint

 Forest Management Committee. It’s a laudable effort having great future potential to support climate informed conservation.

5th Position

Project - Finobadi

The Project Finobadi from Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya came with the productive idea of a circular economy. ‘Finobadi’ is the combination of finance, innovation and kabadiwalas to address the critical problem of inefficient waste management and its harmful impacts on the environment. They made an online platform to connect individuals and businesses with trusted kabadiwalas for waste

 collection and recycling. Such innovative ideas of waste to wealth creation is the need of the hour for achieving net zero target against the climate crisis.

Senior Category

1st Position

Project - Tamira SES

Project Tamira from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment advocated a big bold idea for river restoration & rejuvenation of Tamiraparani. They ensured community engagement with a hyper local approach. They explored the interplay between its hydrological, ecological and socio-cultural dimensions with an active participation of the fishing community. Such a responsible attitude of youth towards

 climate action is praiseworthy & we anticipate that they will devise more innovative green solutions for a sustainable future.

2nd Position

Project - Nirmiti

We all know that Nature Based Solutions (NBS) are often described as ‘no regret’ options, providing benefits to people in a range of scenarios. Project Nirmiti from St. Josephs’ University conceived an objective of ‘Bioenzyme cleaners’ to combat disposal issues of toxic household cleaning products into water bodies. Their future objective of developing a climate sustainable business model for ‘Bio-enzymes’ has an

 amazing capacity to rejuvenate contaminated water. Their efforts towards green growth are commendable.

3rd Position

Project - Polyfueler

Nowadays, waste plastic has become a global concern, leading to pollution and posing significant threats to human health and nature. The revolutionary idea of waste management by transforming diverse plastic waste into fuel can be a long-term solution for the environment and for society's energy needs. Their practice of transition towards cleaner & greener future, fostering sustainable practices and

 contributing to a circular economy is applaudable through the project Polyfueler from Sershah Engineering College, Sasaram.

4th Position

Project - Beat Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution-free world is not a choice but a commitment to life & a commitment to the next generation. Team Beat Plastic Pollution from Earkai Paathukaappu Sangam (Nature Protection Society) conducted several awareness campaigns, plastic waste collection drives, waste processing or recycling units & restricted the plastics entering into the ponds and ocean. They were guided by local forest rangers & also

 ensured community participation. Such an action-based approach by the team is applaudable. They have also launched Project PAD ATMs in association with the Glad Bharath, in which they distributed biodegradable sanitary napkins.

5th Position

Project - Our Common Future

Project Common Future from Charusat University came up with an idea of strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related disasters, focussing on food security and impacts of climate change on it. They conducted several surveys, interviews with local communities, sharing ideas of climate-smart agriculture etc. We truly appreciate their efforts, though this project is in its nascent stage. We

 hope it will grow with time, strengthen their implementation and make remarkable changes.

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