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Ugan Manandhar

National Coordinator

More than a cumulative of 2 decades of working experience in the climate adaptation and mitigation change, natural resources management, biodiversity conservation and energy sector that focused on international policies and negotiations (UNFCCC and CBD), assessing impacts, and mainstreaming and implementing the array of projects in the above-mentioned sectors. A strong and clear understanding on forest resources, management, water resources management and climate change adaptation in Nepal. Able to plan and innovate programs and undertake policy advocacy in climate change, forest resources management, water resource management and biodiversity conservation. More than a half a decade of field experience in developing, designing, and executing hydropower projects in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Myanmar, solar projects in Nepal and Myanmar and biogas projects in Nepal and advocate Cumulative Impact Assessments. Have demonstrated leadership roles in the climate change and energy arena both nationally and internationally and uptake of carbon financing programs (energy and forestry). Strong experience in undertaking community and government engagements. Working on bioplastics to phase out plastics. Worked as a mentor for youth on climate change and developing curriculum for schools (grade 6-8 and 9-10) and undergraduate and graduate programs of the Environment Science.

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Ugan Manandhar
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