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Prajun Chapagain

National Coordinator

With a Master's in Environmental Management and prior experience as a research assistant, I'm positioned to contribute significantly to disaster risk reduction. My expertise lies in assessing environmental vulnerabilities, engaging communities, and developing evidence-based policies. Through research, I've honed skills in data analysis and trend identification, crucial for identifying at-risk areas and devising mitigation strategies. Moreover, my adept interpersonal communication allows me to effectively engage with communities, fostering collaboration and empowering them in disaster preparedness efforts.

I bring a proactive approach to capacity building, where I aim to share knowledge and empower stakeholders in disaster-prone regions. By facilitating training programs and workshops, I can enhance skills in preparedness, response, and recovery, thus bolstering community resilience. Ultimately, I'm committed to leveraging my education, research background, and passion for environmental solutions to contribute to innovative strategies that mitigate risks and build resilience against climate-related disasters.

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Prajun Chapagain
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