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Pradeep Bhattarai

National Coordinator

A graduate in Environment Management, Mr. Pradeep Bhattarai has spent a decade in environment management, climate justice and sustainable development. He is a dedicated and highly inspired environmental professional and sustainability practitioner. He has rich experience working on climate education and awareness in South Asia. He has been following the national climate policies and UNFCCC negotiations for several years. He holds a master’s degree in Environment Management and has also completed Cornell Climate Online Fellowship by Cornel University, USA. He was awarded as a grantee of the Joke Waller-Hunter in 2018. Pradeep led various projects at Prakriti Resource Center for more than six and a half years. He has also served as a Network Coordinator at Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA). Being a mentor at Care About Climate, he supported educating young people from the global south on climate change negotiations. He has rich experience working across South Asia and the global south with different networks, especially on technical capacity building of young people on climate change. He is a highly active and passionate climate change specialist, who possesses analytical thinking and innovative skills in developing ideas and solutions to improve environmental sustainability and climate actions.

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Pradeep Bhattarai
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