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Vikrant Srivastava

National Coordinator

International Cooperation/COP

He is a multidisciplinary climate action professional with years of experience, specializing in impact investing and intergovernmental processes to foster climate adaptation solutions, youth leadership, and policy governance within the UN system and civil society. He effectively integrates gender equality, Indigenous rights, and youth perspectives into global climate initiatives. As the Co-founder of Lead4Earth and an active participant in the UN process, Vikrant has significantly enhanced network reach and influenced policy across Asia-Pacific countries. His leadership has been pivotal in securing substantial funding for grassroots projects, directly benefiting over 50,000 individuals and mobilizing $300,000 USD. Vikrant's work has earned him the National Young Achiever's Award and a Gold Medal at the Global Sustainable Futures Network. He closely follows the Rio Conventions and serves as an advisor to the World Food Forum.

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Vikrant Srivastava
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