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Prafulla Kumar Dhal

National Coordinator

Climate Disaster and Livelihood

Mr. Prafulla Kumar Dhal is a well-known strategist and specialist on pubic polices in India spanning over 25 years. He is the General Manager & State Head, CSR of JK Group of companies in Odisha. He served as Sr. Consultant with E&Y for government advisory section. He led World Bank mission in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana for AP Municipal Development Project (APDMP) to suggest reforms in municipal governance. He authored a number of research documents for agencies like UNDP, USAID (FIRE (D), UNFPA, Development Alternatives, IUCN, VV NLI, NIEPUA, ICCW and others. Mr Dhal is especially keen in developing strategies for youth employments in non-conventional areas.

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Prafulla Kumar Dhal
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