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Nikhil Kamath

National Coordinator


Nikhil Kamath is a Brand & Content Strategist working with small businesses to enable them to expand their digital presence and generate leads. Being a storyteller at heart, he has been documenting his food and travel escapades on his blog, 'The Salt and Pepper Food Guide', for over a decade, which inspired him to publish his first novel, 'It Was You...Always'. He has also co-authored the poetry anthology 'Dastaan-e-Kalam'. He trained as a Climate Reality Leader during the August 2020 Virtual Global Training and was also a part of the Climate Ambassadors Cohort at the Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN). Nikhil started his journey as an Educator in 2018 and has since mentored 5000+ school and college students on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Climate Action & Sustainability. Content Writing and Storytelling.

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Nikhil Kamath
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