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Neeraj Chawla

National Coordinator

Clean Energy

Mr. Neeraj Chawla is an industry leader, who has about 30+ years of industry experience in India and overseas. The idea of establishing a solar venture dedicated to the cause of promotion of integrating Clean Energy with sustainable development was triggered by his motivational ambition of self-driven entrepreneurship and Winnerspitch took shape in 2012 as a consulting organization and 2014 as an interventionist.  His organization has been focused on the singular problem solving in energy domain – rooftop solar(industrial, institutional, schools and residential) sharply focused on ESG mandates Co2 footprint reduction by providing  agile intervention strategies: 


Going renewable means employing energy sources that are carbon neutral- focus on Solution Rooftop for energy hoggers - energy conservation visionaries- futurist users.


Asset Management - ‘Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 technologies that lower carbon footprints across assets burning fuel and helping optimizing Energy Consumption along with Energy Auditing


Green off-grid EV charging stations 


The foundation is to work along with the client from problem identification to solution implementation, demonstrating the promised results. Including consulting partners, auditors, and implementation partners are how are organization develops a trusted partnership with any organization.

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Neeraj Chawla
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