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Bharti Chibber

National Coordinator

Sustainability Education

Dr Bharti Chhibber is teaching in University of Delhi, India for more than seventeen years. She is a well-known academic, author, socio-political analyst, and an environmentalist working, extensively writing and speaking in India and abroad for many years in the field of international relations, foreign diplomacy, Sustainable Development Goals, gender, health issues, climate change, climate justice, refugees, environmental education, renewable energy, international environmental laws, waste management and biodiversity conservation. Dr Chhibber is a Climate Reality Leader and Honorary National Coordinator-Education for Environment Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Climate Reality Project India (TCPI). 


A meritorious scholar, Dr. Chhibber has pursued her B.A. Hons. and M.A. from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi and M.Phil. and Ph. D. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India. Prof Chhibber has more than 150 published books, research papers and articles in national and international journals and mass media to her credit. She has been honoured with international and national awards, has received fellowships, worked on projects, mentored scholars, and is regularly invited as a subject expert in electronic and print media interviews and discussions. 


She has also worked extensively with other organizations to create awareness and empower people on environmental, educational and gender issues. Further, Dr. Chhibber wrote and directed plays on ‘Environmental Conservation’ and 'Women Rights' which were staged by college students and received wide appreciation. In addition to conferences, Dr. Chhibber has organised several field events for educators, students and experts like sapling plantation drive, and have also contributed to waste paper recycling, herbal garden, and waste to compost projects.

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Bharti Chibber
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