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Tasnia Ahmed

National Coordinator

Tasnia Ahmed is a youth development expert on public health and climate action working for 7 years professionally and over a decade of volunteerism. She is working as a Program Manager at SERAC. She is heavily involved with the UNFPA Youth Task-force Committee on Population, SRHR, and Climate Action; Country Coordinator at Climate Reality Project Bangladesh; NDC Reviewer; serves as CSO Asia Representative of the GFF-CSCG steering committee, Country Coordinator of Global South Coalition of Dignified Menstruation, Representative of the International Youth Alliance of Family Planning-Bangladesh, WORTH fellow on Climate Action and Women Empowerment; Fellow of Climate Reality Leadership Program; National Coordinator of the Youth Coalition of Climate Justice (YCCJ) and Global Vice-versa Champion.

She joined the COP26, COP27, and COP28 as a youth negotiator to represent the UNFPA Youth Advisory Committee on Climate Action and SRHR. Tasnia's passion for youth leadership, dedication, and experience in the field of climate action make her a negotiator in the global fight against the climate crisis. Her contributions to the climate field have been valued by the Bangladesh government, which allowed her to participate as the official youth delegate to contribute to the NDC process in COP27, followed by presenting the findings (UNFPA-NDC-Global Report_2023.pdf) in COP28. Through NDC findings, I facilitated country access to women's capacity-building support and knowledge resources in response to requests for support on gender mainstreaming in climate action; and surfaced successes, effective practices, and lessons from around the world and widely disseminated these through country peer exchanges and knowledge products, as well as shared empowering tales of women making a difference. Recently, she has started to work as a technical lead to develop the Bangladesh factsheet on Climate Action and Gender, where the factsheet will be catapulted in the upcoming COP29, Bake- Azerbaijan.

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Tasnia Ahmed
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