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Md. Shakhawat Chowdhury

National Coordinator

Md. Shakhawat Chowdhury is a veteran activist with over 17 years of experience in environmental protection, research programs and policy advising. His major area of expertise includes communication with class stakeholders, partnering with peer organizations, catering common interests and swiftly executing project objectives. He made notable contribution in base line data collection and supporting paramount scientific researches on micro plastic and marine debris in past decades. He partnered with Climate Reality during March 2016 and passionately facilitating CR movement in Bangladesh and neighboring region since then.

Mr. Chowdhury is a lawyer by profession and tenured at an international law firm mostly advising and assisting cross border transactions and investments, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory and revenue, compliance and managements, managing energy and resources, power generation and supply businesses. He complements Environmental, Social and Governance - ESG in his own work and promotes among other legal practitioners. He was taught Environmental and Climate Change Laws at University of Cardiff.

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Md. Shakhawat Chowdhury
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