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Md. Nayeem Hossin Khan

National Coordinator

Md. Nayeem Hossain Khan, hailing from Bangladesh, holds a Master's Degree in Soil Science from Soil, Water and Environment Discipline of Khulna University and a Bachelor's Degree in Soil Science from the National University of Bangladesh. He is the founder of EnvoEdu, an environmental education organization, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and sustainability. With a versatile skill set encompassing leadership, communication, and computer proficiency, he has actively engaged in over 10 social development organizations.

Nayeem has showcased his leadership abilities as President of the Bangladesh Soil Club and in roles such as Divisional Coordinator at SERAC-Bangladesh NGO. His national and regional coordination experience includes serving as National Coordinator for the Termite Society and Chief Coordinator for 64D Initiatives. Moreover, he has advocated for youth engagement as a member of Global Platform Bangladesh.

Nayeem's diverse training includes workshops on research, data analysis, tourism, and gender equity in climate change. His expertise spans climate change impacts on coastal areas, disaster management, land management, and environmental law. With a track record of effective planning, coordination, and project management, Nayeem Khan is poised to make significant contributions to environmental and social initiatives.

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Md. Nayeem Hossin Khan
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